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    Focus Groups

    hyle, I think the rule is to apply early and be thorough with your answers. I do about 3-4 focus groups a year, maybe, but I haven't done any in person ones for ages! I did an online one paying amazon gift vouchers last month.
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    What other Work from home community sites do people use? LOTS of US based / US only sites. Best to browse and not post. Please note a lot of self-promotion (websites, refs, videos) often get downvoted and/or removed entirely. You may also get banned from the community. If you PM anyone about anything, they're...
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    Focus Groups

    They contacted me asking me if I was between 25-28.
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    Is it natural to think negativly about working from home opportunities?

    I think there are some mystery shopping scams. Also, people think "Wait, someone's paying me to go shopping? That is really too good to be true. With this MLM thing, I am physically selling something, so I see why I am being paid." I used to share my opportunities in real life with people, but...
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    What's your top earner at the moment ?

    My only earners now are Clixsense (around $15-$25 a week), valued opinions (£10-£15 a month), and pinecone (around £10 a month). Occasionally I get a focus group.
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    [OT] Pinecone Research - Currently Accepting new people via this link!

    Re: Pinecone Research - Currently Accepting new people via this link! My stats if anyone is interested: I'm a female in my 30s, married with no children. I got in PC again a few months ago.
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    Focus Groups

    Good online one for Please sign up if you haven't yet, it's for credit checks. :D Can't copy e-mail and you have to apply through one of those survey things on a website.
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    I've earned around $325 with clix since January, but there were several months where I didn't do anything at all. Out of that $325 I've only earned $0.45 from referrals. Surveys earn me more than tasks. I just make sure not to do any surveys longer than 20 minutes that don't pay well.
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    Focus Groups

    Just a reminder that focus forward operates mostly out of London - so you only get an online invite once every 1-3 months at most. Occasionally they ask for people from other areas to come to London too.
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    Focus Groups

    This one's online! Sorry about the weird formatting. --- FOCUSFORCE MARKET RESEARCH FOCUS GROUPS You are receiving this email because you opted in at our website or to become part of the Focus Force panel of respondents PROJECT...
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    What do you do when the rug gets pulled?

    I'm really sorry to hear about your job getting ... er, yeah. :-\
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    [OT] Pinecone Research - Currently Accepting new people via this link!

    Re: Pinecone Research - Currently Accepting new people via this link! This is unusual! They sent me an e-mail asking to forward it on to mothers. A lot of the market research I see also asks for mothers.
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    Focus Groups

    I hate talking on the phone too. When they call, it's usually really short. I think they want to confirm you're not a bot! Just a 30 second - 2 minute call to ask you questions and then tell you a little bit more about the research.
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    Technical problems in surveys

    My valued opinions ones always work, but every now and then there's wrong with one of the ones on clixsense. Or even worse, it ends without giving you credit!
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    Focus Groups

    One of the people I was in a panel with did an online panel this week AND did the one I did the other day, so this should be OK.