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    Coronavirus Discussion So.... The Coronavirus / COVID-19

    It seems to me that too much faith has been placed on the British public in expecting them to use common sense. Some pubs are just full of pissed up fuckwits who after a few pints are acting as if hand sanitizer and social distancing were just a myth. And although some pubs, notably places like...
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    Lionbridge [OT] Lionbridge Work Opportunities

    Got my pay advice today and they are not paying for ads which havent loaded. Ive been paid for 126 ads this week, usually 138. Found this on their FAQ " Question: Will I be paid if the rating tool is offline or not working properly for me? Answer: No, Lionbridge will not compensate you if the...
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    Question / Discussion Which side hustles would you recommend for someone who’s starting out?

    Shepper. Depends how many jobs are on the app in your location and how much they pay but every now and then you'll get something like a car park audit for a tenner. Just before lockdown there was loads of jobs at a fiver each most took ten to fifteen minute and with a planned route you could...
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    Lionbridge [OT] Lionbridge Work Opportunities

    Does anyone have any issues with the images loading on rating tasks? I tend to have had one per week which I reported, they replied with 'let us know if this is a persistant issue'. So this week, particularly yesterday it was a very persistent issue! yesterday SIX images wouldnt load and I had...
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    Question / Discussion Learning new skills

    You could use your design skills to do t shirt design on Amazon Merch. You have to apply for it and its a bit random in the way they accept applications. Worth a try if you're already a bit nifty with designs so youve not wasted lots of time if you get turned down. Theres a thread on here about...
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    Saving with Loqbox

    Ive been looking at ways to save without being tied into an Isa and found Loqbox mentioned on a money saving group. It seems great if youre looking to repair a credit rating. It could just be me but the way its exolained on their site isnt very clear - (I had to get my son to explain it using...
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    Lionbridge [OT] Lionbridge Work Opportunities

    Ive rad somewhere that Lionbridge and Appen dont like if you work for both of them. I applied for Appen ages ago, was just going to chase it up. But how would Lionbridge know I was working for Appen anyway?
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    Surveys Populus Live

    I reached the magical 50 quid figure before the end of August and my points are back to zero - how long is it before the money usually drops in? Opted for BACS . It says two weeks on their site but a few others I am on say that as well and its usually a few days
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    Smartphone Apps BeMyEye UK

    . i know there was many came out the woodwork when blades ....the absolute WORST task on BME.... came on, maybe all have left the app now blades dont exist..but i see jobs here and no one touches them at all (TBF there is very very few worthwhile jobs on BME now) I left BME almost as soon as I...
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    Monthly Earnings Challenge September Smashing Moneymaking Challenge - Come on in! Win cash AND share how you make money x

    do you get points for referrals? Let me know and I'll join up (with different details as I am already registered)
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    Lionbridge [OT] Lionbridge Work Opportunities

    my son is interested in the evaluator projects but he lives at the same address as me - would there be an issue with him having the same IP address? He would have to do it here as never has much data
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    NorthernMoneySaver’s Earning Diary

    What are ou earning with on Clickworker ? I am stuck at a $.30 balance. I do forget about it TBF but when I do look its just random stuff like 'send a picture if you are a bald woman'. I havent tried the UHRS thingy , is that worth trying?
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    Smartphone Apps Earning with GigWalk

    No idea but just thiought i would check if anyone on here could make a few bob if there is one before i joined up.
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    Lionbridge [OT] Lionbridge Work Opportunities

    @Jon the second part of the photo test mandatory. Not sure I like the idea of videoing the house. Not to mention the rapid intense tidy up involved.