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    TopCashback [OT] TopCashBack

    Give your credit score a boost with Experian. Previously, regular payments like your monthly Council Tax bill had no influence on your (Experian) Credit Score. Boost allows Experian to take all your regular payments into account and increase your credit score. I've just used Experian Boost and...
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    Other Referrals GoHenry - Free £10 for prepaid card

    Just signed up - thanks for sharing this! Here's my referral link
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    Blog / Blog Post Promotion What have you posted lately?

    15 Best Apps to Save, Earn & Manage Money
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Free £5 with Ziglu!

    Thanks OP! Used your referral! Here’s my Ziglu referral link: Ziglu - £5 free when you exchange £5
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    Other Referrals Gousto Box - 35% Off Referral

    50% off Gousto Recipe Box Get 50% off your first Gousto recipe box (+ 30% off every box for a month)! Brilliant healthy treat meals delivered to your door! Here’s the recipes that I ordered for £17.50 today: One-Pot Black Pepper Chicken Dal & Naan (2 servings) Spicy Chicken Chilli With...
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    Shares / Stocks Freetrade - Free share worth £3-80

    I've had some brilliant shares through this offer! 100% would recommend signing up and getting your free stock! Don't forget to deposit £1 to activate your free stock (you can withdraw this later)
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    Other Earning Opportunity Earn £5 for Leaving a Review

    Also happy to do this if you need someone in the future :)
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    Other Earning Opportunity Make money with Honey (and save money too)

    Managed to cash out my first £10 voucher with Honey today! Such an effortless way to save/earn money! My Honey Referral link -
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    Use the Costa app like me and get 100 (£1) free points to start, then 200 (£2) more when you first collect points with a purchase. My invite code: AAJL3
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    Shopmium Referral [OT] Shopmium - Get cash back on food + FREE products in store - LEAVE YOUR REFERRAL CODE HERE

    Honestly the best app for free food! As well as free Pringles when you first sign up, Shopmium gives away tons of FREE food and drinks from your local Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and more! Use code “AEFAMUGY” when you sign up to get a bonus freebie! Once you’ve signed up you can refer...
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    Banking Zelf - Free €5 for joining waitlist - "messenger bank"

    My Zelf referral link:
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Bee Network Cryptocurrency - No deposit required

    Joined using your code @Frugalgal My referral code is 'beemoneysavvy'
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    Other Referrals FREE £15 on Twino [Instantly withdrawable]

    Signed up today - referral still running! Here's my referral link if anyone would like to give it a go!
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    My Top Tips for Entering Holiday Giveaways...

    My Top Tips for Entering Holiday Giveaways
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    Blog / Blog Post Promotion What have you posted lately?

    I’ve been lucky enough to win 2 holidays! If you would like to increase your chances of winning a holiday see my top tips on how to find, enter and win travel competitions.