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    BeMyEye UK

    This is a great app to use if the jobs are in your area. I like the way you methodically go through the stages. My first outing was in the shopping area in central Bristol with 6 mobile phone stores. It was the first time but built up confidence particularly how to get the correct quote on...
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    The Money Shed needs YOUR VOTE!!!

    Vote placed, good luck
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    Oddsmonkey or Profit Accumulator?

    Thanks that thread contains some useful info, going to cancel odds monkey as get a refund then test out accumulator for a month then I can make up my own mind
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    No Spend Days

    Just reading through your posts, this is a great idea, I had never heard of it or really considered it. Been food shopping today so tomorrow will be first conscious NSD, Tuesday the 30th August. Thumbs up
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    Oddsmonkey or Profit Accumulator?

    Hello I have signed up to Oddsmonkey and am coming to end of the 30 day period in which I can cancel for a full refund. Just wondering if anyone thinks either is better than the other, I doubt it would be necessary to pay for both as I presume offer similar services. Also to consider I've...
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    Why did you choose your username?

    I thought about this long and hard then used my real name :) and I still sometimes forget it :-[
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    Happy Yorkshire Day!

    Happy Yorkshire day, celebrate with a lovely mug of Yorkshire tea :)
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    Is it Possible?

    Keep up the hard work. Those who work hard surprisingly become luckier!
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    What Can I Do From Home?

    Hello Id say matched betting is definitely worth doing, just take it slowly at first and build you confidence. How about trying mystery shopping, just signed up with GfK they have allot of work that can be completed from home assessing telephone services. Good luck Chris.