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    End of the world? Something to think about
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    Surveys [OT] Earn money with the fantastic folks at Prolific Academic

    Well I've tried my laptop and different computers at the local library. Still get the same message
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    I was asked to stop taking photos in a store

    Yeah, this is something companies like Roamler and Bemyeye use to avoid paying. They know it's impossible to take photos and be incognito.
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    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    I got accepted even though I didn't bother replying to the invite or doing any test since I can't do transcription work because my dog barks at every single noise
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    Surveys [OT] Earn money with the fantastic folks at Prolific Academic

    Is anyone else fed up with the new setup meaning laptop users are unable to take studies marked as desktop only? I did contact prolific but they said there was nothing they could do and to contact the researcher. Now if I could only find out how to do that under the new setup
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    Survey Sites

    Opinium Research and Newvista in addition to the ones already mentioned.
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    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    i received an email about a transcription project in Edinburgh where they wouldn't tell you the address or pay for flights and accommodation. I scored over 90% on both their screeners but got rejected anyway due to the negative baby boomer employer mindset of only wanting perfect candidates who...
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    populous Live

    Just got a survey invite from them 5 minutes ago and immediately after entering my DOB/post code, I got this We are very sorry, but unfortunately you are either not eligible for this survey or the survey is now closed. Ridiculous.
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    populous Live

    They've gone downhill the last few months. They waste your time by putting the attention check/demographic questions before the actual screening question. They lie by saying they have received enough responses from your demographic, even though it's only been 10 minutes between receiving the...
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    What stops first time Mystery Shoppers taking that leap!

    Companies want you to be incognito and take lots of photos, which immediately outs you as a mystery shopper. Plus if you spend money travelling somewhere and they reject your report you've done your money
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    Smartphone Apps Vypr - The Quick Survey App

    Is anyone else experiencing a problem where, when it gets to the "now we can start to vote" part, the vote button is missing
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    Geotask help

    It shut down early last year but the app still lets you earn passive income.
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    Smartphone Apps [OT] Streetbees tasks, (almost) UK WIDE :-)

    Don't bother with these incompetent idiots. They're only interested in taking the data you provide them and avoiding paying for it
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    Smartphone Apps [OT] Streetbees tasks, (almost) UK WIDE :-)

    So you can send numerous emails pointing out the error with the Service Test and they give you the "we'll fix it" line only for them not to fix it and reject your submission to avoid paying. Vile scammers.
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    Smartphone Apps [OT] Streetbees tasks, (almost) UK WIDE :-)

    This year they will continue avoiding paying for the data they receive without giving any reason for not approving tasks