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    Coronavirus Discussion How is Mystery Shopping / Smartphone Task app work going to work after Coronavirus?

    I've been doing 'mystery shopping' work for a good few years now, at the moment there is no work, because none of the shops, restaurants, hotels etc I do mystery customer jobs for are open due to the virus. I agree that the fees have become very low and there is no way I am going to wait in a...
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    Lionbridge [OT] Lionbridge Work Opportunities

    This sounds very like the ad rating work I was doing for Appen! I might apply, I miss the money I was making but had the leave the project as for some reason I stopped being able to access the rating tool, and Appen were less than helpful, so as I couldn't do the work I asked to be taken off the...
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    Question / Discussion Waiting for the online work to come to you

    This is a very timely post. I have to admit I have been floundering a bit for the past few months. I was working regulary for Appen and then I hit a big problem, for some unknown reason I was suddenly unable to access the rating tool, emails went back and forth to Appen but in the end I had to...
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    Looking for Data entry work from home etc

    Great blog post Jon. Have book-marked it for future reference.
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    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    I have been told that Appen is for up to a year. Not certain on exact pay rates, I'm presuming they pay monthly, and I haven't been doing it for a month yet.
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    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    Yes it's rating facebook ads. I found it fairly easy but the audits on my work are putting me off a bit.
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    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    Thanks for that, at least I know I'm not the only one, I'm just finding them hard to please at the moment. Will keep re-reading the guide rules and see how it goes. I do think that in with the criticisms it would be nice if they could mention the good ratings, would be a bit more encouraging.
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    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    Need a bit of advice guys. Been on the Nile project for a for a good few weeks now. Just had my second email from them with an audit commentary, It's not brilliant so feeling a bit rubbish about it. Thought I was doing okay, have read and re-read the guidelines but still being picked up on some...
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    Call centre data collection @ TranscribeMe

    I've been accepted too, only just seen the email. Good luck everyone, will be interesting to see how everyone gets on with this.
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    Paid to test websites

    I have used, haven't had any invitations for a while though. It's testing websites, I was given questions that I had to find the answers to from various websites, basically to find out how easy the site was to navigate and how easy to find information. It is done via audio so I had...
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    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    OMG that's awful, I will be very wary now, I am fairly new to this and appreciate all the feedback about jobs, and what is ok and what to avoid.
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    Call centre data collection @ TranscribeMe

    Thanks for posting. I would like to apply for this one, trying to download a voice recorder app to my phone so I can give it a go, have already filled out the application but you have to send a recording with it. Would be interesting to see how people get on with this one.
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    Smartphone Apps [OT] Roamler - Earn money using your iPhone or Android device

    Have been looking in google play on my phone (android) but had no success searching for the download link to the Roamler app, any help on why this is happening appreciated?
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    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    Not heard of this one. I'm doing the Nile project at the moment. It's pretty easy, but had trouble even starting it, don't find their instructions on beginning these projects always very clear, Still will see how it goes. They seem to send a list of projects on a weekly basis but there don't...
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    Appen [OT] Appen Work Opportunities

    Is anybody working this? I am having big problems. The link they give you to access the rating tool just takes me to my facebook page, and I can't even find the 'feed ads radio button that we are supposed to click and confirm?? Anybody know what I am doing wrong? I have contacted Appen but no...