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    £30 (cash or Amazon voucher) for testing a learning language app/website (London or at home)

    What a shame they only want English native, I think they're missing out on a whole bunch of people have good English
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    My £1,000 money making challenge

    I downloaded every single app on here! What do you do with the money? Do you save them in some sort of savings account or just don't claim them yet from the apps?
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    I have my 10 posts, how do i get a roamler invite please?

    Heya Can you tell me a bit more a bit more about task360? Take that back, I just saw it's iPhone only :(
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    Shoppix is so much better than Receipt Hog! Their payouts are better, every receipt is about 25 tokens. Did you manage to cash anything in?
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    TEsters keepers?

    Sorry, what's wrong with the site?
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    Just saying hello :)

    I tried match betting and I found it difficult to follow on the phone, but I'm looking forward to try it on my laptop. Unfortunately I rushed and deposited 5 on Betfair but maybe that will be enough!
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    The Money Shed Presents : The Beginners Guide to Earning Online Toolkit

    That is a great kit! I've previously tried mystery shopping for a company , but it wasn't a great experience. I'm hoping to have the chance to do it again!
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    ----- The Introduce yourself thread! -----

    Hi, I'm oana, I live in Kent and I am trying to earn some extra cash during spare time. I have a field based job and I'm travelling all across UK. What money making methods do you have?