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    The huawei ban

    This got me thinking... They can't work with American companies.... I know at least for their laptops and computers. I've got kind of a solution... Use viacomm for the CPU OR an amd subsidiary in China. (Amd is American but they have a Chinese company which basically rebadges and slightly...
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    Octopus Energy Referral Code

    Switch your energy and gas to octopus energy. We currently pay £450ish a month for gas and electric through southern electric and i saw on my monzo bank app that they've partnered with octopus energy and it would be £89. Dunno if it is actually gonna be £90 or not. Just gave em my meter...
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    Earn $10 XLM (Stellar), $3 ZEC, $10 BAT, $3 0x Cryptocurrency + possibly $40 more for Free

    I just use my personal account but I've only ever bought £10 worth of ethereum. Used to buy btc through localbitcoins.
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    Fee XLM for watching video and answering questions

    Here's mine:
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    Earn $10 XLM (Stellar), $3 ZEC, $10 BAT, $3 0x Cryptocurrency + possibly $40 more for Free

    I got the coinbase email aswell. Quick thinking making a post about it.
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    Making Some Serious Cash!

    You go GURRLLLL. Show dat man he ain't the one.
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    Selling clothes - ebay alternatives

    Try depop or letgo. You ship the items and get paid via paypal... 90℅ of the items are clothes. (Mostly used "vintage" "retro" type clothes) some of em are a rip off and others are not too bad in terms of pricing. Bought 3 ps4 games for £15 and discovered i could've bought them from CeX for £9...
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    What Users Do - Get £5 for Testing Websites

    Seeing this thread at the top reminds me of something. I signed up for whatusersdo in december but never got round to doing the practice run where you have to go on msn and talk about what you'd usually do on that website..
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    Make Money With Print On Demand

    Can i make my own designs on Photoshop and can i tell em to make different elements from a different material?
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    May Moneymaking Madness - everyone is welcome!

    Got about £3. 80-ish this month. £1 - curious cat £2.84 - qmee (a lot of the time it would freeze or not register that I've done a survey) I've paid off that £35 for those of you wondering thanks to my music.
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    Smarty Mobile - Free month and £10 Amazon Voucher

    I don't mind em knowing my real name or me knowing their real name? Why is that an issue?
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    Washare - Get paid for doing other peoples laundry

    Get paid to do other people's chores.
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    What have you won today?

    Whoa! If that was me, the "years supply"would probably last me 3 years. I hardly ever have butter.
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    Trading 212 - Free stock worth up to £100 - Deposit minimum £1 (<24 hours cashout)

    *Aw shit, here we go again! Have you seen the GTA SA memes?