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    Question / Discussion Ebay - any quick low profits?

    Yeah things like fanny metal phone chargers
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    Other Earning Opportunity Spot-BTC Wallet

    Sign up to Spot-BTC bitcoin wallet and get £3.60 when you spend £150. You can buy £150 worth of bitcoin, get an extra £3.60 and sell it again when the price is higher. Sign up here: My code is attached in the image. Don't use it if you don't want to.
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    Other Earning Opportunity LBRY free crypto-currency

    You watch other people's videos. I have songs on my channel that you could check out. This is a house beat where I remixed a song: This is a dark beat I made:
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    Surveys Vetri app - £4 for two very quick opening surveys + claims to pay very well (cash out at £10)

    Here's my invite code: Download VETRI to begin earning giftcards and crypto (VLD) by doing surveys. Please be a good friend and use my invite code: PYA76867
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    Phone Recommendations (Again)

    Huawei p#0 lite. IMO the best phone for anything really considering its faster then my friends iPhone XS at opening COD mobile and the cameras are great.
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    Smartphone Apps Beelivery grocery shopping delivery (Car / Bike + Smartphone = Money)

    It says minimum spend £12. Issue about reciepts is, no corner shops really do reciepts.
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    Smartphone Apps Airtime Rewards

    I thought this was the app that pays you for your unused texts. I'd only really use this if it had boohoo man on it or primark.
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Swissborg Referral Offers

    Here's my link: if anyone wants it.
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    1p Mobile

    What about unlimited calls and texts for £10
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    is there a decent stocks and shares app

    Thinking it will go up, and it goes down. Thinking it will go down and it goes up. Holding onto things that I think will rebound.
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    Bitcoin / Crypto $50 in BTC to sign up to celcius network

    Celcius network have this offer where you sign up and they'll give you $30 + $20 if you were referred by someone. The money is locked for $30 said and you need to deposit $200 and keep it in for 30 days in other to get it though. You can withdraw all the money after a month though. Step one...
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    is there a decent stocks and shares app

    Investing seems like a money pit to me. I lost like £1200 on it.