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    Coronavirus Discussion So.... The Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Appoint Jon lead fortune cookie teller. Just need the lottery numbers now :p
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    Other Earning Opportunity Free lottery play every day - not sure about this one so I'm throwing it out there

    i remember loopylotto emails think they used to offer 50p prizes until they found people actually cashed them in :p
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    Banking Zelf - Free €5 for joining waitlist - "messenger bank"

    Joined with LTeschis link. If you want to join if you can use my link.. Many thanks :)
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    Savings and Interest

    I think banks are required to have a certain capital to debt ratio now and are a lot better than 2008... stress tested as well (come next week they all go under :P) if you considering P2P you might as well consider shares as well.
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    Coronavirus Discussion What happened to you in 2008 the last time a recession hit?

    I kind of wonder about the long term aspects as we came through spanish flu many a generation ago - killed a lot more but not sure it had as sudden economic effects. Might not be even considering as it was very differetn time. Problem is as long as there is 2m rule I cant see any kind of crowd...
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    Other Earning Opportunity TesterJob - Earn money and get free items from Amazon by reviewing them

    I remember applied for all the tests, received precisely - nothing! hehe
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    Sign Up Offers Wealthify - £50 cashback for depositing £500 for 3 months+

    think its even better now as you are investing in a bare market so in theory 25% + maybe. :p A bit bumpy atm if you arent used to stock markets
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    Coronavirus Discussion How is Mystery Shopping / Smartphone Task app work going to work after Coronavirus?

    I think it might be called on more. Companies will be more concerned about the presentation of the stores they have left (loads will be wiped out due to the expense) so will want them with correct PPE and other things to show they are looking after staff and customers a like. Might be wrong and...
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    Bitcoin / Crypto review : $50 bonus + free spotify & free netflicks

    I did this with £180 and its now 220 £. Have the metal card now takes about 6 months. I think it was worth doing just for free referral mco that i converted to bitcoin
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    Swissborg Cryptocurrency game where you can win money, no ID required

    signed up to this using someones referral code. My referral code is HQRU3VY
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    Other Referrals Footstock

    i signed up using ggoluwi link. Asked me to verify identity so doing that now
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    Shares / Stocks Freetrade - Free share worth £3-80

    Brand new free share invite. Get your free share today! Invest in stocks and ETFs commission-free. Sign up here with your email and get a free share worth up to £200 to get started.
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    Shares / Stocks Freetrade - Free share worth £3-80

    JD sports was the most expensive free one i had
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    Surveys Panelbase

    Wow that is quite sad. Think I've been with that panel for a decadee maybe more so it is quite striking when these things become more closer to home.
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    Coronavirus Discussion So.... The Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I think the fear after lockdown is the reoccurances, kinda like cliff hanger moments that keep popping up. Still find it werid seeing people walking around in masks, previously just thought asian countries did that.