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    Selling books?

    Funny thing is that if them kept as it should be (dark and dry) they can outlast any kind of storage used at the minute but cloud. No CD or DVD can last that long (simply peels off with time) and some of them are worth serious money, especially those about Nazi or very old and not digitised...
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    Selling books?

    I have a customer, who does exactly the same with VHS tapes. I’m doing deliveries for him and looking after 40ft shipping container with 60k tapes in it
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    New to all this, help appreciated.

    If you’re not in rush - place shipment to, I cover certain UK area, and you can set price yourself. It’s shared economy, similar to BlaBlaCar or ViaVan, where people help each other when shipment on their way. I’m on Nimber just because I travel a lot within UK
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    Russian cigarrettes

    In any Polish shop you can get big choice of fags for less than £5, it’s just not advertised. It works this way (btw, I do this myself as well): flying abroad - buying some fags (minimum 4 cartons (legal EU limit), which doesn’t count packs inside, as it says up to 4 cartons only (don’t...
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    UK reselling platforms

    I used to use for getting cheap stuff
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    Selling books?

    Amazon has a tool to check what is it worth by entering ISBN number. Personally myself, I wanted to get into reselling books, but it wasn’t as easy as it looks like. I have no idea where my local carboor sales guy getting recent and decent books from and making living from selling them for 50p.