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    Matched Betting Discussion [OT] Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post}

    Sign up to profit accumulator done and I’m going through all the learning stuff. Fingers crossed I get it right! :cool:
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    Answer a Question & Ask a Question!

    Roasties. Because I’m Irish. And we love our spuds. Most embarrassing moment?
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    What have you won today?

    Couple of hundred. I do realise that a £50 win is lucky. I know of some people who have £10000’s of PB and have never won.
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    I use AirBnB all the time. I travel quite a lot, and I’ve never had any trouble. I was on a month long contract in London and I booked a room in a house for that month. All the facilities were shared but I’m still friends with the 2 girls. If I’m travelling for fun I just go for an apartment or...
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    Blog / Blog Post Promotion What have you posted lately?

    I blogged about a new product I was sent to test. Freeeeeebies win!
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    What have you won today?

    I’ve had PB since I was a child and have won £50 in all that time
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    Win your gym fees for a year

    I need this. A lot.
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    ----- The Introduce yourself thread! -----

    Hey I’m Lynsay and new here. On top of the daily grind I blog here and there and love earning a bit extra. Have just got into a ‘debate’ and someone bet me I couldn’t clear off credit card debts using what I make online. Well.. challenge accepted!? Though to be honest I don’t have a large cc...
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    £30 (cash or Amazon voucher) for testing a learning language app/website (London or at home)

    Have signed up... might be too late, but sure if you aren’t in you can’t win
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    What is the most unusual way that you have made money?

    Wellll got an old sewing machine base from a refuse site. Sold it for £100. If it says singer crafty types go mad for them!