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    Planning ahead - Cheltenham?

    @Pbrail Yes, thank you. That makes it really clear for me. (Sorry for being dense lol). Many thanks for taking the time to do this :)
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    Planning ahead - Cheltenham?

    Would anyone be willing to detail an example of where liability reduces at the Exchange if more than one bet on the same race please? I get the principle but I’m a visual learner so would really value an example played out - eg with 2 or 3 horses and the difference calculated vs if only 1 or 2...
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    Husband now knows :)

    Wow. Thanks for this.
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    Husband now knows :)

    Of course I now need to smash some offers so I have some float left when I put the money back !
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    Husband now knows :)

    I expected to have to make my case but he just basically said you know what you’re doing, just do what you need to do. I’ve linked him to a few articles but he said he trusts me, he doesn’t need to read them.
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    Husband now knows :)

    When I started MBing I did so with the intention of building up a nice sum to surprise my husband with. To keep my secret, I’d been using any ‘extra’ I could squirrel away - earnings from surveys, Mystery Shopping etc. I only had a small amount and it would take a long time but hey, there was...
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    Moving on from sign up offers: Your Next Steps and a guide to reloads

    Thank you so much for posting @homie. I’ve still got so much to learn but your posts open up so many more opportunities.
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    General Chat - January 2017

    I would love to be glasses free. Definitely need to save up for laser eye surgery.
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    What have you won today?

    I won a tech cleaning bundle from AOL on Twitter
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    What TV shows are you fine folks all watching at the moment?

    husband and I are watching The Blacklist. I never saw it the first time around. James Spader is fabulous in it.
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    Dieting & Losing Weight

    I really need to apply myself to losing weight and getting more active. I’ve added my MFP ticker to my signature in the hope that it makes me more accountable. Feel free to kick me up the bum if you see the weight going up,
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    Sky Spin to Win

    Nope. Looks like I’m still ok on Casino and Vegas (which is where the Wheel usually appears). I’m definitely ok on Sports too. How odd. Has anyone else been able to Spin today?
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    Sky Spin to Win

    Flippin’ Eck! Off to check.
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    Sky Spin to Win

    Guys, Is it just me, or has the Daily Spin Wheel game moved/disappeared?