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  • Marketing, marketing, marketing... (note to self: don't forget to actually finish the site!)
    So excited that I managed to set up a different menu for mobiles for my site. Just three million more tweaks to make before launch!
    Drowning in work (day job) and looking after a sick child... earnings are are currently on the back burner!
    Anyone know a good user profile wordpress plugin? Can't find one for love nor money..
    The Reverend
    The Reverend
    Why not use the users system already in wordpress?
    Queen Jess
    Queen Jess
    I will be forced to, but was looking for one which looked a bit better for the user and had some additional functions.

    Try this. Is it for other users of your site or yours?

    Also - are you on gravatar? This allows you to make a profile so that if you ever comment on other sites your picture will come up in comments. Also, if you do a guest post anywhere it will pull your bio from there.
    Fighting with WordPress... there is one setting on one tiny page somewhere I must have got wrong! Just need to find it... edit: fixed!
    I thought the internet made it easy to start a business... it's a shame the legal requirements are so confusing!
    Is anyone else thinking it will be quicker to subscribe back in to anything you want after GDPR comes in rather than dealing with the incessant queue of emails?!
    Whoops.. I accidentally set my website up into a loop which has locked me out of the wordpress dashboard! (I did manage to get back in..)
    It's looking like I might have to do some coding to get the look I want on one of my website pages... I'm sure I vowed never again last time I had to code something..
    Finally found a theme and general page layout that I like.. functionality and content here I come! (Note to self.. it isn't normal to get really excited when you discover your theme has another option you can play with..)
    Reactions: Jon
    Is it ok to be ridiculously excited that I have my first Twitter follower and they are an official organisation of the type I hope to attract?!
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Just popped back in as been busy matched betting and loving it. Am just short of £6.5k profit since I started and I am quite lazy lol. Thank you to the Money Shed for fattening my bank balance!
Great to see the sun out at last!
Starting the process of transferring a domain out of GoDaddy...
Think I'm going to relaunch an old domain....
Happy birthday to me!