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    PayPal business account for eBay?

    The only advantage of the Paypal business account I can think of is you can order a debit card that you can use to spend your Paypal balance, and it gives 0.5% cashback. I think all Ebay sellers are paid into their bank accounts now (managed payments), not through Paypal, but maybe there are...
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    Wholesale job lot of shoes for sale - approx 500 pairs

    Thanks for the ideas everyone. I hadn't thought of Gumtree. The local market is very small, but I will look at other nearby markets. The auction houses I have used charge so much, to the buyer as well as the seller. I will consider this if I don't sell them and can't find anywhere for them...
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    Wholesale job lot of shoes for sale - approx 500 pairs

    If anyone is looking to buy some items in bulk to resell, this might interest you... Over the last year, I have been purchasing shoes from a wholesaler and selling them. Now I don't have room for all of my stock, so I would like to sell the shoes as a bulk lot by the end of the month, when my...
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    Are Payday Loans my best option?

    Payday loans are a bad idea. For food and basics, you should contact your local foodbank (do a google search and check your area on google maps - the trussel trust search doesn't show them all). If you feel bad about using one, don't. That's one of the things they are there for, so people...
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    Shares / Stocks Freetrade - Free share worth £3-80

    I got fed up of waiting for Trading 212 to accept new registrations... @Kingsavvysaver I have signed up using your link. I'll get the free share in 7-10 days. Here's mine if anyone wants to use it: Join me and invest commission-free with Freetrade. Get started with a free share worth...
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    Shares / Stocks Tickr Referral Offers

    Tickr have rebranded as CIRCA5000. You can now preregister on their site for the opportunity to purchase shares in the company, from £10. I will probably be investing a bit as I really like the company. (not an affiliate link). Do your own research, you...
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    Question / Discussion Amazon - Merchant fulfilled experience?

    I've only listed a handful of products. My best seller had a barcode. The item and description were already filled in, yes. I did try to edit the description slightly (I was the only seller) but it wasn't approved. If it's on Amazon already you aren't supposed to make your own listing - you are...
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    Question / Discussion Amazon - Merchant fulfilled experience?

    Here's a link to some pricing info. With Amazon's Professional account (£30 per month) I found the fees to be similar to Ebay if I ignored the fact that I was paying £30 a month... (the fees depend on the category though so you might find it different). Since I downgraded my account, I pay...
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    Question / Discussion eBay Dropshipping

    That's the reality of dropshipping. It's all about volume (and not being scared of the VAT threshold if you want so make more than a few hundred a month!!). I don't purchase anything until I've been paid for it, so there's very minimal risk involved. If you have the storage space and funds to...
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    Smartphone Apps Premise app

    I've just installed this. It wasn't showing any tasks. I refreshed it (held my finger on the screen, pulled down and released) and loads of survey tasks came up.
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    Passive Income Earner Honeygain - get paid for doing nothing

    Usually not long, only a few days from what I remember. The last 2 payouts I cashed out in Bitcoin. The 1st took ages, at least a month, and the 2nd, which was this week, was in my wallet the next day! If there is a problem with a payment, their support is good. They did reassure me with my...
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    Question / Discussion eBay Dropshipping

    I guess I'm a bit wary of the extra paperwork/admin involved. I do my own self assessments, but I would probably want an accountant if VAT was involved, which is another cost. Plus, I don't see the dropshipping as a long term thing - it's just helping for now. I'm hoping to save as much of the...
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    Question / Discussion eBay Dropshipping

    Yes, just to give an example - my turnover for that £4,000 is £45,000. This is why it would be very easy to sleepwalk into reaching the VAT threshold if you just keep expanding without keeping an eye on it.
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    Question / Discussion eBay Dropshipping

    I've been using Ebay Elevate since July last year. I don't know about any alternatives, but I can vouch for them. The course is a certain amount on their website, but if someone refers you, they provide you with a code for a substantial discount. DM me if you decide you want to go with Elevate...
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    Other Earning Opportunity Next steps with Etsy shop

    I don't have a clue what I'm doing, and I've set up an online shop using a company called Square Up (not a referral link). They are a card payment processor. I think if I had dedicated time to it, I could have set it all up in a day at the most (it took me weeks because I kept doing half an hour...