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    Passive Income Earner Honeygain - get paid for doing nothing

    Just in case anyone's interested, I cashed out in BTC a few weeks ago. I received a confirmation email from Honeygain on the 8th Feb with the transaction details. The transaction still doesn't have any confirmations (not been processed yet). Their customer support is good and they have assured...
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    Free ebook for kids

    Could I have a copy please. It sounds like something my 5 year old would enjoy. I'll leave an Amazon review too. Thanks very much.
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    Business bank account recommendations

    Yes, you can create different pots. They are called "spaces" on Starling. It is a great feature because you can't accidentally spend the money when it's in a pot! If you do go for Starling, just in case you can't find your IBAN, if you just view a bank statement it's on there. You can view a...
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    Business bank account recommendations

    I love my Starling business bank account. Really easy to set up through the app. I've just checked and the account does have an IBAN.
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    Question / Discussion Ebay business account. HMRC and PayPal.

    I can highly recommend the Starling Sole Trader Business Bank account. I had to fill in some business info like predicted turnover and business type I think - nothing too tricky. I didn't need anything specific I don't think, and they needed my ID too. I have a business PayPal account too. If...
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    Passive Income Earner Honeygain - get paid for doing nothing

    I just logged onto the desktop page for Honeygain and they are doing a free daily raffle and the prizes are points. It was somewhere at the bottom right of the page. I only won 50 points, but I think it said you can win up to 10,000 points ($10). It only takes a few seconds to click and see what...
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Swissborg Referral Offers

    @Seansjt I used your link and won 3 EUR worth of BTC. Hope you get something good! If anyone would like to use my link, it's Just click the link, follow the instructions, and deposit a minimum of 50 EUR (it tells you in the app what the £ equivalent is)...
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    Passive Income Earner Honeygain - get paid for doing nothing

    I've reached cashout again, and it's giving me the option to receive my payment in Bitcoin.
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    Smartphone Apps NEW(2021) Earn crypto with mobile (No investment needed)

    @RD93 I've used your referral code. Mine is rs20033 if anyone would like to use mine. It looks very similar to this one: PI Network
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    Shares / Stocks Tickr Referral Offers

    Tickr have temporarily increased their referral bonus as a Christmas offer. They are currently paying £12 to me and £12 to anyone that uses my referral code, michaels8361 . The offer doesn't mention planting trees, but I think they will plant the 2 trees too (it's in their standard referral...
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    Matched Betting Question PA Profit Tracker - quick question

    Hopefully you haven't lost too much just backing and laying with no offers (assuming that's what you have done once you finished the signup offers if I understood right?). Sadly, Matched Betting only works when there's an offer/promotion involved. If you decide to carry on, just stick to the...
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    Matched Betting Question PA Profit Tracker - quick question

    It should show a small negative amount for all of your qualifying bets (up to 5% of your bet amount). This is because you generally won't make any profit when there's no free bet. For your free bets, if it's showing a negative figure, you need to switch the calculator to "Free bet SNR" on the...
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    Matched Betting Question PA Profit Tracker - quick question

    It looks like you are just recording your profit/loss at the bookie and not taking into account your profit/loss at the exchange. So for your qualifying bet for betfred for example, your bet won at the bookies but you would have had a loss at the exchange, which should have left a slight...
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    Question / Discussion How do you personally feel about downloading software for some vouchers or money?

    I've done this for Nielson Computer. I have a computer that is only really used for browsing the internet, so I just use that for anything potentially dodgy. I tried it on my phone, but it involved using a VPN, so I cancelled it because I couldn't access the bookie apps for matched betting...