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    Someone's not very happy....

    In the words of the fabulous Oscar Wilde...
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    Mental Health and Working from Home

    I have considered it, but it just seems a waste of money to be honest. Probably cheaper to work in a local coffee shop (which I do from time-to-time).
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    Mental Health and Working from Home

    This is a great topic and one that I've thought lots about. I've worked from home for the past few years. It wasn't my intention to work from home, it basically got to the point that I couldn't bear working for someone else any longer, ended up getting sacked and had to start earning some...
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    Would you pay an inflated price to buy a domain?

    I'm a dropcatcher and one of my main forms of income is selling domains, so I thought I would pitch in. :p Is the right domain the difference between success and failure? No, of course not, but it can make things a lot easier in terms of branding, marketing and perception for a business...
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    Cryptocurrency investments

    Wow, you'd have to be mental to buy cryptocurrency on a credit card. Have you been following the news about Tether? Could turn out to be one of the biggest scams of all time.
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    Anyone ever worked as a honeytrap?

    Yeah @BreeziOG , personally I think face-to-face is waaaay to dodgy. Like you say, online is much better, especially with fake social media accounts. PM me if you or your friend want to talk further about it.
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    Anyone ever worked as a honeytrap?

    The reason why I was asking is that I own a website that gets several leads a week from both men and women looking for someone to to do a social media honey trap on their partner to see if they're cheating / would cheat.
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    Anyone ever worked as a honeytrap?

    Whoa @Jon ! I just Googled "findom". Wow, I can't believe that's 'a thing'. And a really big thing too. Apparently some men give these women complete control of their bank account and let them pay them an allowance every month. Crazy.
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    Anyone ever worked as a honeytrap?

    " can earn a lot of money being a woman and doing the #findom thing where sad men will send you money via paypal endlessly to feel dominated.." Hey Jon, maybe you should get yourself a wig and a webcam ;):p
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    Anyone ever worked as a honeytrap?

    Just doing a bit of research, has anyone ever worked as a honeytrap, catching cheating husbands/boyfriends/wives/girlfriends either face-to-face or online? How did you find it? Is it something you'd do again?
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    Plugins for Wordpress please help!

    Hi Charlyn, Only install and use plugins that are essential to your site would be my primary piece of advice. Installing loads of plugins just for the sake of it will only slow your site down and that could eventually effect your ranking and your reader's experience. For example, you don't need...
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    Slimming World Consultant

    You could always start your own slimming group. Just buy some trousers ten sizes too big and take a photo. You'll have people flocking to sign up. ;D
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    Make money with you facebook account using LinkiLike

    Seems like a great way of slimming your friends list down to me! ;D
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    Matched Betting Discussion [OT] Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post}

    Hello :) Not done MB for a while, are people still mainly using PA? I know there are a few other options now, just wondering what the best option is at the moment as I've heard there have been a few problems with PA and some others.