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    Small things you do to save money

    Wilkinson sell 500g for £1.50, its on offer for £1 at the moment too. Borax is another good one to try. The supermarket ones are expensive as they are for baking quality, whereas the cheaper ones I wouldnt use in a cake but are great for cleaning! Hope this helps!
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    Small things you do to save money

    I think because we split our monthly budget in to however many weekends are in the month, either 4 or 5, it works for us as we have x amount per week and know we wont run thr risk of chucking odd bits and pieces on thr card, then not having much the week run up to payday. Also working in cash...
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    Small things you do to save money

    Thats what I have used it for, and other halfs white work shirts too. Works for us!
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    Small things you do to save money

    Just thought I would add my familys money saving tips! Switch to Aldi or Lidl for food shopping, can easily feed family of 5 for 50 to 60 a week. Meal plan - I do 2 weekly ones, so if we dont feel like something, theres options to choose from Make your own bread, it really doesnt take that...
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    People Per Hour

    Hi Everyone, Thought I would start a thread about my experiences and am happy to give advice, or support to anyone who might need it. I signed up to peopleperhour a couple of years back, at the start it was very hard trying to get someone to give me a chance, but then I learned how to write...
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    ----- The Introduce yourself thread! -----

    Hi Ladies and Gents, My name is Shelley, I live in Wiltshire, am a mum and stepmum, and work as a Virtual Assistant. I started by signing up to a website called peopleperhour, and knew I enjoyed writing, about anything and everything! So I started applyingfor writing jobs. After much rejection...