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    Don’t give up.

    Morning everyone, I just wanted to come on here to say to anyone who may be struggling to make the high levels of money that others on here are making DON’T GIVE UP. I am in that situation myself, I am taking part in matched betting, surveys and where I can mystery shopping. Because I am...
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    Data entry

    THanks so much for your reply, I kinda thought this might be the answer. Much appreciated Lara
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    Data entry

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone knows of any online data entry work? Naturally I’m not interested in any company that charges you to be on their books. Transcription work is great but I’m looking for something I can do even when I’m not in a quiet place environment.
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    calling transcribers

    ooh I hadn't heard of crowdsurf, I have tried take note and
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    calling transcribers

    ah right that's great advice thank you. Do you know if there is a limit on the number of attempts you can make x
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    calling transcribers

    Sorry that’s me not being very clear, I pass the initial grammar tests but then fail the audition test
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    calling transcribers

    Hi All After a bit of advice. I have tried a couple of online transcribing companies and have been knocked back. I was wondering if you could give me a bit of advice how to increase my chances. I always pass the tests and I use Grammarly to help ensure that I am using the correct grammar. This...
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    wagering query

    ahhh perfect thanks so much, I think I finally understand it. Wow its a lot to learn. I have way more respect for people who do all this kinda thing now, it's by no means simple.
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    wagering query

    HI All Sorry for all of the questions, but I really don't know what wagering means: "You must wager through your free spins winnings thirty five times within 7 days before being able to withdraw. Wagering requirements can be completed on slot games only. You can check your wagering by...
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    Understanding the figures

    thanks so much for this. not been on much due to being unwell but I am going to check it out now :-)
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    January 2018 moneymaking challenge - All welcome! Let's get rich!

    Whoop whoop I have beaten my £100 already and its fair to say that so far its been a challenging month for the following reasons - had to withdraw my money out of betfair to pay bills so had at least 2 weeks where I couldn't do any matched betting because of this. I have spent the last week...
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    Weekly earning

    for me its been quickthoughts qmee (very hit and miss for me, but as I have mentioned before I think that is because of not having kids.) streetbees is good citizen me isn't a bad one either I must check out crowdology
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    First Gubbing

    oh really, that's interesting, I love this forum, I have read about gubbing here before but would likely give me a bit of a panic if it happened to me, having read this I reckon it will be more a case of when it happens to me and no panic needed :-)
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    Would you pay an inflated price to buy a domain?

    I think its so important to make posts like this because its so easy to fall for these sorts of things especially when you are 'desperate' to make some extra £'s so thanks for sharing :-)
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    wow that shows real commitment, well done xx