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    Bitcoin / Crypto Free $25 worth DESO (no deposit needed

    Diamondapp is giving $25 worth of DESO, just simply register and complete Id/verification. Ref- Non ref- To cash out I advise creating a blockchain account to convert the DESO to btc/eth and send to main wallet like coinbase etc
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    £5 for 50 posts / £10 for 100 posts - CLOSED

    Hit 100 posts and recieved £10 from Jon. Once again thanks!:)
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    I am seriously considering leaving the UK!

    Been contemplating relocating myself recently but then I figured the grass isn't always greener. U.S has their various problems, and I don't see other EU countries as much better. I think it just boils down to living within means and cutting back for financed.
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    Law of Attraction

    This is one those "secrewts" of the world that many people either don't talk about enough or just are completely unaware of. I'll just say I ventured into this at the start if 2020 and it's definitely legit. Using affirmations and frequency music while meditating really helps!
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    Entertaining the kids during 2021

    It honestly should be a lot easier now that restrictions are eased and we're finally getting sun. The park is always a cost free to let the kids roam and have fun.
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    Matched Betting Discussion How do you earn big?

    OP which site, blog did you use to get started?
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    Casino deals

    Anyone find a by new sign up deals other than the usual William Hill, paddypower and co?
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    Question / Discussion Buy Me A Coffee - anyone looked into this?

    So it's just a 5% fee that's charged in this, still not understanding how this works?
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    Anyone else with health issues

    Know how you feel, we all have to deal with something. Mine is more mental that I've thankfully been able to.tame over the past couple years during lockdown.
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    Other Referrals Upvoice Get paid to browse Facebook

    Thanks op, hadn't used Facebook on years until recently. Re-connecting with old friends and have found myself on it more often so this is definitely useful, cheers.
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    Sarah Money Diary

    That's phenomenal OP, I use 80% of those myself. Now starring to looking to some others that I've overlooked before
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    My Amazon KDP diary!

    Very inspiring keep us updated!
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    Daily free lotteries

    Still trying to win off freepostcodelottery after 5 years to no avail lol
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    No idea what to do

    I've found meditation, consistent exercise, cold showers to be a godsend in keeping me grounded and stress free. I recommend everyone to try that combo Will change your life.
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    Hopefully some inspiration

    Very inspiring l, have really on done a bit of sports betting here and there. Glad you were able to be successful!