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    Banking New referral - Free £5 with Numbrs app I have been paid £30 from this app so far and have another £10 pending! Excellent referral scheme and fast payments. Please use my link and claim your £5 for free Thanks if you use my link
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    Other Referrals Make money sending yourself money!

    I have been looking into the rewards given for using various money exchanges and have found some easy ways to make money from them. First of all I set up a Euro account with Monese (as I already had an account this took minutes) If you don't have Monese any euro account would work or set up a...
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    Emma (Finance Management)

    Emma is another app like cleo that can help you budget. At the moment (on some accounts) they are testing giving a £5 referral bonus for sign ups. If anyone would like to use my link I would really appreciate it and you can then get £5 for your referrals.
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    Other Referrals Footstock My link if anyone uses it thank you! quick £10+ free!!
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    Gambling Deposit £10 withdraw £20!

    Your friend Dawn W invites you to the Football Index. Open an account using your friend's unique referral code 530581 and you will both get £10 cash reward* each. T&Cs apply. T&Cs link -
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    Banking New - Wingo Card - Free £5/$5

    My link. Thanks if anyone uses it.
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    Banking Zeux - new app for free money £40 credit with my code.

    You can withdraw anytime. I withdrew the first 1p of interest I got to check it worked.
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    Banking Zeux - new app for free money £40 credit with my code.

    Zeux is a new app that pays 5% interest. When you open an account (free) and use my referral code: DQ485E You get £40 free Zeux Credit. (and I do too) You cannot withdraw the £40 but you can withdraw any interest earned from it. You also get £40 credit from each referral (unlimited) so could...
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    Banking Chip - the automatic savings app

    Edited as not sure I do, think its the person joining that gets £10
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    Banking Chip - the automatic savings app

    Chip links to your bank account and saves money for you, really handy app for saving. If anyone would be so kind to use my code you will get £10 when you have done 2 auto saves. Must enter code: K2RKJCB7 Use my referral and get £10 K2RKJCB7
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    Banking Anna Money FREE £25

    I just signed up using the above link. If anyone would like to use mine its: Use my unique code EZ31725 when you join to get £25 -
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    Transfer go Free £10

    Lempoksnis - thank you for using my link £15 received. My Link is now worth £15 when you transfer £50 international payment Thanks if anyone uses it. :)
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    Transfer go Free £10

    I used International transfer and used a euro card think It was revolut or monese (can't remember which) I transferred from their in euro to my UK bank account in gbp. Hope that helps.
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    Transfer go Free £10

    Hi Dan, It states in the terms that there needs to be a currency conversion so assume wither way works. Hope that helps. Dawn
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    Gambling Paddy Power refer a Friend - Risk free £20 bet.

    If anyone doesn't have a PP account and wants to use my link I will happily share the £20 bonus with you. So you get a risk free £20 bet and £10 on top.