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Amazon just contacted me regarding my seller account... I wasn't aware I still had one as I last used it in 2004!
Can I believe I've actually just bought some proper lights for LEGO animations - a bit of a short sale on Amazon! :D
So Respondent have contacted me to take part in a face to face interview next week.
Excited & should take me over £100 goal for January....
I really should get back into Matched Betting - I'm pretty sure most of what I make goes to Odds Monkey as I don't bother cancelling the subscription - oops!
So as a newbie here I'm still trying to get my head round it all & which is the way to channel my time. I've signed up to Prolific & Resondent thanks to @Jon
I've earned a few 3.00 on Prolific so far & waiting on surveys to come back from Respondent that I've applied for, so fingers crossed.
I have a few items listed on Ebay which I hope I will put to my 1st try at MB, scares me to be honest.