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  1. Chammy

    Earn ££ watching people play games on DLive!

    Not at all. It's just a bunch of people who think they know what they're talking about fear mongering - most of them too loyal to other platforms so want to see competition fail. The issue has been with some of the wording on DLive's Terms of Service. They can be misinterpreted but it's just...
  2. Chammy

    Axie Infinity - A Crypto-Based Game

    The cheapest ones are currently around 0.015 ETH but there isn't anything you can do with just the 1 unless it's breedable and you find a mate in the mating club. Most people tend to grab a team of three so they can battle and earn xp and breed themselves which is what I'm doing. I have 4 now, 1...
  3. Chammy

    Council Tax Rebanding

    We're a band C, next door to the left are a B and the right are an A. It's not just bedrooms, it's also house value. We're a 4 bed new so a C Next door (L) are a 2 bed new build whereas next door (R) are a 3 bed council. So, even though R have more rooms they pay less than L because of their...
  4. Chammy

    Earn ££ watching people play games on DLive!

    Yeah, I watched that last night and laughed at most of what he was saying. He's not talked to anyone, asked anyone about any of it and literally has no clue about the platform itself.
  5. Chammy

    [OT] TopCashBack

    Ooof you were on the ball this morning...I was still in bed when you posted this haha
  6. Chammy

    Axie Infinity - A Crypto-Based Game

    When you dabble in the world of Crypto like I have recently with DLive for my streaming you can be introduced to some interesting things. Today I started playing Axie Infinity which is basically the love child of Tamagotchis and Pokemon. You collect these little creatures, look after them, breed...
  7. Chammy

    Work from home with The Body Shop

    Yeah, I wouldn't attend a party off or online for these companies as I can just roll up to the store and get it when I want. So Body Shop, Ann Summers, Neals Yard etc. Means I don't have to wait for the order to be placed then shipped
  8. Chammy

    Trading Cards - Pokemon, MTG etc

    Nope, sorry. We have 100's of Pokemon cards they're the kids and in no condition to sell on haha
  9. Chammy

    Quidco Guess 2 Win

    The latest competition is now live. Answers will be updated daily
  10. Chammy

    March Moneymaking - Let's do this!

    April's challenge is now live all :)
  11. Chammy

    Don't be a fool! Join the April Money Making Challenge!!

    Hey all. Welcome to the April 2019 moneymaking challenge. Lots of money to be made this month so let's grab all we can :D Everyone is welcome to join and you can decide what you want to include in your target for the month. Feel free to update as little or as often as you want to and you can...
  12. Chammy

    Earn ££ watching people play games on DLive!

    You go to your account and request the payout ;) The money hits your PayPal account on a Thursday or a Sunday, 3 days after you request (so if you request Sunday it'll go in Thursday, request Tuesday it'll go in on Sunday). Lino is currently worth $0.012 so 1000 lino is $12.
  13. Chammy

    Earn ££ watching people play games on DLive!

    Ahhh see for that you're looking more at getting the content seen via social media sharing as well as making sure the upload is full of keywords etc. I use a service called TubeBuddy for my (very few) YouTube videos and that helps me ensure I'm doing all I can to be seen. I'm no longer a fan of...
  14. Chammy

    Earn ££ watching people play games on DLive!

    I guess it depends on the viewer. I never watch streams through my console because interacting with them is a pain unless you hook up a keyboard - the odd occasion we'll have one on the TV but we'll still use our phones or laptops to chat anyway. This week I tried a stream on Twitch hoping to...
  15. Chammy

    Roamler Activation Code....... Help???

    You need 10 quality posts on here then @Jon can drop you one.
  16. Chammy

    Earn ££ watching people play games on DLive!

    I guess that depends on the platform you're on. Places such as Twitch and YouTube heavily rely on your viewer count for progression on the platform. Twitch wants an average over 30 days of 3 for Affiliate and 75 for Partner which encourages an obsession with focusing purely on numbers. I don't...
  17. Chammy

    Media Kit for My Blog

    I'm going to guess possibly the content? Money blogs don't really have the range they're probably looking for, not compared to sites where they can show ads for clothing, appliances, food, toys etc If I look on my site I have ads for makeup, car insurance, holidays, clothing, Spotify and I...
  18. Chammy

    Earn ££ watching people play games on DLive!

    Ok, so it's a little bit of a clickbaity title but I hear those work ;) Just over a month ago I decided to switch streaming services for my games. I moved from an established streaming service (Twitch) with an established community of my own to a newer platform, DLive. It all runs pretty much...