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  1. The Reverend

    What has made you smile today?

    My local cinema is doing a double-header with Infinity Wars. I'm not sure I could handle that much Marvel in one go! Enjoy it - I'm hoping to catch it during an early saturday morning showing.
  2. The Reverend

    MusicMagPie £5 Free

    I've got some BluRays that CEX are offering 10p for. 10 freaking p! I'm sure MM will be the same/similar but I will check them out just in case.
  3. The Reverend

    What have you posted lately?

    Smeee again! If you are in London then you can get around zone 1 & 2 cheaper than an uber by using Citymapper Ride
  4. The Reverend

    What have you posted lately?

    What did I play last week?
  5. The Reverend

    Payment on Account

    I thought you said you could also work in the bedroom. And occasionally you would have your computer in the kitchen.... ;)
  6. The Reverend

    Payment on Account

    Its really important you use some rooms for a % of the time ... rather than 1 room 100% of the time. :)
  7. The Reverend

    Any advice would help

    Hi Nathan Drake, Being an treasure hunter not paying as much as people think? From what you've described you want @Jon 's Money Making toolkit. This should give you around £1000 a month. It does take some investment of time but...
  8. The Reverend

    Just scheduled my first 'real' blog post since the 18th Feb!

    And Another 4 in the bag, taking me up to mid-may. :)
  9. The Reverend

    Council Tax Rebanding

    Is it worth the hassle of cleaning up dog-shit from your door mat every morning when all your neighbours have their council tax increased and take to posting their dog eggs through your letterbox?
  10. The Reverend

    Royal Mail - Credit where its due

    I don't mind it at all - I've bought a load of stamps at about 70% value (2 years ago) and I'm still working through them. I still like posting letters though so they were a good buy for me. :)
  11. The Reverend

    Royal Mail - Credit where its due

    I wonder if there are also stolen stamps that are in circulation. When a post-office is done over, the stamps would have been untraceable and usable without question.
  12. The Reverend

    Royal Mail - Credit where its due

    They've already been paid for them so I doubt they care :)
  13. The Reverend

    Royal Mail - Credit where its due

    A tracked item should have a number of tracks along the journey. If I had to guess, the label barcode got blurred and no-one cared.
  14. The Reverend


    I think it is suprising number of people who AREN'T like that, but all it takes is someone to see something is in high demand and they'll buy for £10 and when they've made an extra £40, then they've paid for what ever the bought and actually wanted!
  15. The Reverend

    Spring Cleaning..

    I'm currently looking to replace the sofas, the dining table, get a new rug and throw out all the old stuff. Got lots going on at Casa Reverend
  16. The Reverend


    There have been a load of people who are flipping RSD exclusives. 7" Picture disc for £58!
  17. The Reverend

    Voice controlled home automation thingy

    Just ordered the HIVE heating thermostat thing. My current Thermostat is borked and its £85 for a replacement (+ Fitting). Got the Hive with installation for £112 from Amazon £145 but 20% off warehouse items so a billy bargain! My understanding is I don't need to...
  18. The Reverend

    Where is the GIF button?

    Good to hear!
  19. The Reverend

    Where is the GIF button?

    I used to love the GIF button but now it isn't there. Where has it gone?