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  1. Jon

    [OT] Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post}

    Aye hopefully I'm just looking forward to seeing what 'all season long' type offers come out for the premier league. I know it can tie your money up for a good few months but it's all money!
  2. Jon

    Appen Butler Hill

    I think it might depend on what project you are working on. with Web Search Evaluator work you can do as much as you want. With other projects they may not be the case.
  3. Jon

    [OT] Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post}

    Not heard anything yet but there’s still time!! Hoping for great refund results today on the nags!!
  4. Jon

    [OT] Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post}

    2 weeks until football returns woop woop ££££££££££
  5. Jon

    Getting back into matched betting

    Once you’ve done the 2 sign up offers you just carry on with the other offers in the sign up section Hope everything is well with you!
  6. Jon

    Kufflink Cashback £50-£250

    We don’t create a new thread for each referral link People just post and keep adding to the same thread if it’s about the same opportunity
  7. Jon

    Free spins

    aye, and that's ON TOP of my £40k+
  8. Jon

    Free spins

    you win some you lose some as your confidence grows you will step into doing low risk slot offers which is where some great money is! I won over £2500 on 1 x £2 spin on the Bonanza slot last year!
  9. Jon

    What have you posted lately?

    Interesting read I'm really in two minds about 'income reports'. The reality is that no one is Googling 'July online earning Income Reports' so the time you spend on content like that which is pretty personal and unique to you you could spend on more general content that appeals more to the...
  10. Jon

    Free spins

    yeah just use them, nothing to worry about or over think
  11. Jon

    Prolific Screen Out???

    I’ve had that a handful of times. Usually if you choose the wrong box like how many hours you work a week or whatever.
  12. Jon

    ----- The Introduce yourself thread! -----

    Appen web search evaluator work and matched betting - no reason you shouldn’t clear £800+ a month without any trouble from those two alone regardless of what else you pick up from this site :)
  13. Jon

    Any ideas how to save money when booking a holiday?

    just goes to show there are loads of different ways of saving for the holiday you want. I remember being a kid and my parents would go to the travel agent shop, come home with brochures (not even sure if they are still a thing!) and then would send a CHEQUE in the post to pay for it all...
  14. Jon

    You Gov

    aye 100% I don't get how people can keep motivating themselves with surveys out outside of say Prolific!
  15. Jon

    $50 after signing up to using a code

    one day I will understand all this today is not that day!
  16. Jon

    Respondent - Like Prolific but a bit more involved and higher paying

    good number of new studies on there today. Nice for one anyone who's been to see a financial advisor about anything
  17. Jon

    [OT] Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post}

    Good chunk of Golf and Cricket (ashes) offers on this week! LOADS of money to be made again to tide us over for the last few weeks before the Football season returns!!!
  18. Jon

    Red Alert!!

    Red Alert!!
  19. Jon

    July Moneymaking Madness - everyone is welcome & you can win cash!

    You and Crisp Thinking seem to be getting along famously!
  20. Jon

    Trading 212 - Free stock worth up to £100 - Deposit minimum £1 (<24 hours cashout)

    I've still to even enter the party!! lol