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  1. Andrew

    Single and ready to mingle - 34 year old man with his own hair and teeth!

    So who else is single and ready to mingle on the shed? I'm finally getting back into the dating world but I'm avoiding online dating like the plague as it never goes well for me. I thought a good way to chat to people would insted be to put myself out there in some of the communities I'm in and...
  2. Andrew

    Staring an Amazon FBA business

    Hey so after sucessfuly building up an eBay business from scratch I think it's time I follow @Jon s advice and diversify my income streams so I'm not just reliant on one platform. So I'm building up to star tackling Amazon FBA in March. Just wondering if anyone's aware of some good UK based...
  3. Andrew

    Sourcing stock for resale

    Hey all. I see a few people asking where they can source stock for resale from on here so I thought I'd post a link to a blog I wrote on this very subject. Hope it's useful!
  4. Andrew

    UK reselling blogs

    Hi thought it might be useuful to have a list of UK based reselling blogs going on here. I'll start off with mine of course and add to the list as it develops: 1. Money Mental - 2. Adventures in reselling -
  5. Andrew

    Ladies aged 25 - 50 - fancy earning a £135 amazon gift voucher? (excluding London)

    Hello ladies I've just become aware of a money making opportunity as follows: We are looking for specific respondents UK Wide to take part in our latest market research study the topic of Alcoholic Beverages and hoped you may be able to help by circulating with relevant friends or family. We...
  6. Andrew

    Things I've paid for thanks to reselling.

    Ok so I've been reselling for a few months now as a business and I thought I'd share with you a few of the things I've been able to treat myself to as a result. 1, A nice Samsung Digital Camera 2. A nice Sony Camcorder 3. A weekend away in London Hard work does bring with it some good...
  7. Andrew

    UK reselling vlogs

    Anyone run a youtube channel that includes or is dedicated to reselling? I have a few videos on my channel including one I've just uploaded which others may found useful! Feel free to subscribe here:
  8. Andrew

    Broken link check

    Keep getting 403 errors when I'm trying to run my broken link checker in Wordpress. Anyone know how to get round this? It worked fine last month!
  9. Andrew

    Selling on eBay - some inspiration

    Hey all. I made a video of some of my eBay sales. Hopefully it will inspire others to try the same!
  10. Andrew

    Reselling tvs

    Hi - written a bit about one of my most lucrative sidelines. Buying and selling televisions. Put a few tips in there based on my exeprience. Feel free to take a look.
  11. Andrew

    Wrote about my reselling journey so far. Hope you like it!

    Hey all. Thought I'd write about my experiences so far. Hopefully it'll prove useful to someone!
  12. Andrew


    Anyone use depop? I've got a few items that might do ok on it but wanted to hear other people's experiences of it first.
  13. Andrew

    UK reselling platforms

    Hi all. I thought I'd maintain a list of all the selling platforms people use. Feel free to comment below on the ones you use and your thoughts around them. I've started off a list with the big hitters. 1. EBay 2. Amazon 3. Facebook 4. Sphock 5. Depop 6. Etsy 7. Gumtree 8. Local Carboots 9...
  14. Andrew

    Post your eBay store here

    Hello all and welcome to the UK resellers section of the money shed! I thought it might be worth posting a link to our ebay stores here to save a 100 different threads starting up. That way if anyone has any questions, wants anyone to look at their stores or just wants to promote their wares...
  15. Andrew

    Haggling in charity shops

    Hey all - further to Jon's blog post about buying from charity shops to resell on ebay being morally wrong (which you can find by clicking here) I thought I'd build on this and ask the question when/if is it acceptable to haggle in charity shops? Been staggered by some of the prices in my local...
  16. Andrew

    Points Prizes

    Hey - anyone heard of/use points prizes. They emailed me through my money mental website today because they'd seen that I'd mentioned swagbucks on it. They're asking if I'd consider promoting Points Prizes as well. As I've never heard of them or used them before I won't be doing so until I've...
  17. Andrew

    Does the internet reflect real life?

    Someone may a comment on my blog earlier today about what's trending on Twitter and it made me think. How many of the things that are currently trending are actually being talked about outside if the internet? I.e. in conversations at the workplace, the gym, coffee shops or the pub? Is the...
  18. Andrew

    Instagram referrals

    Hey so I'm wondering if jetpack counts instagram as a refferrer when doing the site stats in wordpress? I'm asking because I don't think I've seen a single instagram referral come up. But I get loads from other sources. If it does then it looks like I've got to either put more effort into insta...
  19. Andrew

    My latest controversial blog post

    Hey all - as it's mental health awareness week I thought I'd blog about it. But the more I thought about it the more I thought this week sucks! So I've penned my thoughts on it but I'd be interested in seeing whether other people agree with me or feel differently...
  20. Andrew


    Hey all. So the medical professionals in the know tell me that it's likely I have Aspergers (formal diagnosis to follow in a lengthy timescale!). Anyone else got any experience of this? It doesn't seem like the greatest thing ever to have...although it does explain a lot about me!