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  1. MoneySkipper

    [OT] TopCashBack

    Hi, Another cashback giveaway has begun today so best of luck on winning one of the 54,000 instant cash prizes. For anyone interested, I will be posting the answers to the daily clues on my cashback page. Or you can sign up to TopCashback via my referral link...
  2. MoneySkipper

    100% Amazon Cashback

    I haven't been lucky enough to win on this yet no, but if I do win, it should be around £450 with the Amazon cashback included. Also, if anyone you refer wins, then you can also claim £100. After looking on their site, I have actually realised that they have removed anything to do with the...
  3. MoneySkipper

    100% Amazon Cashback

    Happy Birthdates is a great site that gives you a chance of winning back 100% cashback from your Amazon purchases up to £10,000. To receive the cashback, you have to win 1 of the 10 daily £100 draws. It's free to sign up here: New Note...
  4. MoneySkipper

    List of Survey Sites

    Hi all, I have recently created a list of survey sites to use over on my site, if anyone is interested: You may already be signed up to them all or you may find some new ones. Hope you enjoy and thank you for checking it out if you do. Thanks...
  5. MoneySkipper

    Let me review your blog!

    Thanks for the thorough review and your honesty. When I first created the site, I was a bit worried about mixing two genres together, but I thought there would be people who have a passion for both, like myself and they could choose what section of my site to look at. However, I understand how...
  6. MoneySkipper

    Let me review your blog! Hi Jon, I know that you had a look on my site recently and said I had good content but it would be great if you could give it a full review. Much appreciated, thanks, Danny
  7. MoneySkipper

    Domain Flipping - Anyone done this?

    So you could have been sitting on some gold mines back then :P, because the short names do well, however most of the good ones are probably taken now. I knew they had some random extensions about, but not as bad as .pizza, that is laughable. How far will they end up going with them. Well good...
  8. MoneySkipper

    Domain Flipping - Anyone done this?

    Thanks for the link Jon. I'm on the same lines as you, I think I need to buy a lot more cheap domains too, especially for £1, that's a bargain! I still only have the one domain on sale, which I'm still banking on. Let's hope we can all find that one domain name that's earns us some big money...
  9. MoneySkipper

    Become The Money Shed Blog Of The Month and get a free ad on the right hand side!!

    Okay sorry Jon, I better start posting then :P
  10. MoneySkipper

    Become The Money Shed Blog Of The Month and get a free ad on the right hand side!!

    Hi Jon, This sounds like an amazing opportunity and I appreciate the offer. I have a new site called and I would love to book a slot. Would that be okay please? Thanks, Danny