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  1. jane potter

    Selling amazon credit for cash

    Hi, I would like to convert/sell the money got from jobspotter into cash? Is there any good and reliable way please?
  2. jane potter

    jobspotter balance showing in dollars not pounds

    re jobspotter app, my payout is showing in dollars not pounds anyone else had this please?
  3. jane potter

    Curious Cat payment

    A while ago I did a Curious Cat the poster spotting one and havent been paid the £3 anyone else. Never happened before?
  4. jane potter

    Inbox pounds

    Has anyone had trouble with searches not being credited and do you keep track of your searches. Thanks.
  5. jane potter

    We buy books

    Just sold some books and sent them off. They messaged me to say one book was damaged and they could not pay me. Thing is this was a brand new unread book I'm surprised if that's true They say they can recycle it how do we know what they are doing though. What are your experiences of selling...
  6. jane potter

    jobspotter low payments

    I see that jobspotter are paying 3p a photo its hardly worth it is it? what a p take, Im going to ask them why so low does anyone else feel like this? Has payment gone down? Would anyone else like to ask them. I mean 3p.:mad::rolleyes:
  7. jane potter

    We go look

    Does anyone use this task app and what is it like? Thanks
  8. jane potter

    anyway to make money through going to the cinema

    I have just got a cinema pass where you can get unlimited access to films for a year!!! Just wondered anyway to make it into some money revewing films. website, blog twitter? Thanks.
  9. jane potter

    help with jobspotter app

    I have tried to open the app which lists all my history and payments, photos etc and its not there it tells me to reister for the app as if i dont exist? How can i get it back I am registered i dont need to register?
  10. jane potter

    mystery shopping on the cheap

    More and more companies seem to expect you to fill in a survey about your experience instore in the faint hope of offering a gift card? I refuse to do it im sure this is to get everyone to do mystery shopping for them for free?
  11. jane potter

    referral for world mail panel

    I have a referral for a business anywhere in UK that wants to be involved in the Mail panel. Quotas will supply the test letters on a weekly basis (small to large letters, no packets). - The business senders will have to frank the letters via a franking/metering machine. - The postage costs...
  12. jane potter

    lost thread

    cant find a referral thread i made for surveys last week?
  13. jane potter

    making money from facebook pages/groups

    Think I know the answer to this, its only facebook that make money from your groups/pages etc but wanted to ask anyway I have one group and one page if anyone wants to take a look and see if there is anyway of making money or turning them into forums. Having said that I don't think forums are...
  14. jane potter

    jobspotter app question

    Need to uninstall apps from my phone to try something I have unused amazon credits will I lose it all if I unload and reload this app thanks?
  15. jane potter

    sending photos into magaazines for money

    I have several funny quirky photos for magazines, does anyone know where they might get printed?
  16. jane potter

    Bingo sign ups

    Hi, I saw someone saying they make money from Bingo sign ups? How please?
  17. jane potter

    Attapoll App

    Is this worth continuing with. I don't ever get any surveys just the initial one when I joined up. Not sure its a good moneyearner. Does anyone earn from it?
  18. jane potter

    I have a referral for these areas!

    WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW SEEDS IN THE FOLLOWING POSTAL AREAS WC1&2, AND NW LONDOn area also in West Yorkshire HD and Telford TF. This is easy work you get occassonial mail to log online and then you throw the piece of mail away you don't need to do anything with it. Its a pound voucher for M and...
  19. jane potter

    curious cat app

    Is anyone else getting fed up of getting screened out of surveys its happening more and more. also do you get alerts that you have a survey or do you just keep checking the app? Thanks
  20. jane potter

    Referral for The world mail panel

    HS (Outer Hebrides) WC (Western Central London) I have a referral for these places to receive mail and log in then post it on at postbox. Pays in paypal or amazon all good. Let me know if you live in the above places.