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  1. mbmetro100

    Full time wage without a job

    I don't want to throw a spanner in the works with regards to matched betting, but according to a few people in the business the bookies are clamping down on any on who seems to be using their new accounts for those purposes. In their artillery they are using spying tools including iesnare and...
  2. mbmetro100

    Skinnylattes Money Making Opportunities

    I hope this turns out to be genuine, as your You Tube earnings are exceptional and you're a real inspiration to the rest of us on this platform :)
  3. mbmetro100

    My survey

    Thanks for that and I'll have another look at the list on your site :)
  4. mbmetro100

    My survey

    I gave ClixSense another go, but find it frustrating. You can get 2/3 minutes in to the survey and then you get the dreaded "Sorry ......" Surely they have a better filtering process than this rather than let people get that far on before chucking you off?
  5. mbmetro100

    Skinnylattes Money Making Opportunities

    The great thing you have over most folk is excellent and solid YT earnings. Most people would love to have £400 - £500pm earning from their videos. I think you should try and concentrate more on that area, as it works the best for you. I have a few hundred YT product review slideshows and I earn...
  6. mbmetro100

    Tablet Recommendation

    The Kindle Fire seems a good buy at about £90.
  7. mbmetro100

    eBay Business

    It's not something that eBay would advertise, but I offer a free eBook in return for their name and email address and list each one at 1p (minimum amount required by them). All of the required details are listed by me in the description area of each advert.
  8. mbmetro100

    eBay Business

    I hate to sound negative, but trying to make decent money as a newbie on eBay is so difficult, as the market is squeezed to it's capacity. I only use this site for getting names for my email list via 1p auctions. All the best in what journey you choose :)
  9. mbmetro100

    New Here

    This is one of the best UK forums for this particular niche and you'll find lots of useful tools and info you can easily use :)
  10. mbmetro100

    Started my first blog!

    The only thing I would personally do is to put a background in to give the overall look more colour. Other than that, it's looks spot on :)
  11. mbmetro100

    What have you posted today?

    Looks good although I can't say I've heard of the "Skylander" characters? Probably because my boy is only 2 :)
  12. mbmetro100

    Jon's Money Madness Diary

    Very impressive. I didn't think you could make that kind of money from this site Jon?
  13. mbmetro100

    Social Media and Traffic

    You should insist on having social media as part of your online journey. I haven't has a lot of joy with twitter even using # to highlight keywords and re-tweeting, but with the likes of having a FB fanpage, a Google +1 and Pinterest, it's been quite productive.
  14. mbmetro100

    Newbies :) Hi everyone!

    Welcome and you'll find quite a fair amount of useful information and the members seem to be very helpful.
  15. mbmetro100

    Skinnylattes Money Making Opportunities

    Those You Tube earnings are awesome and it's great to see someone making that kind of money from videos :)
  16. mbmetro100

    My head's spinning !

    It's important to stay focused and try to concentrate on two or three things at a time. Don't let Procrastination get in the way of a good thing!
  17. mbmetro100

    New and looking forward to trying this site out.

    At least you seem to have your feet firmly on the ground with regards to targets. £100pw is definitely achievable, but give it a few months before you start seeing the results. This business requires patience and lots of trial and error. All the Best :)
  18. mbmetro100

    nominate your fave/least fave TV advert

    The whole Meerkats (comparethemarkets) story and how they've managed to keep that going is very impressive. Gocompare became very annoying when that operatic guy with the twirly moustache outstayed his welcome. Glad they finally got rid of him!
  19. mbmetro100

    Cheap ways to eat out

    Most Wetherspoons are the best option with regards to cheapness. Me and my wife can get two meals, a large glass of red wine and a pint of Guinness for about £12, as you get a selection of free drinks with most meals. The only thing with JD's is that, the food is basically frozen dressed up as...
  20. mbmetro100


    Well done and it's amazing how quick the money builds up, especially if you both smoked. When cigarettes were cheaper and you could smoke in pubs, it seemed more attractive, but paying £8 a box and standing outside in all weather's is very unappealing. Enjoy your hols :)