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  1. nanny1

    Stuck on making a bet !!!

    Hi I'm trying to do my first bet on Betfred, but can not find the football match I want. I've gone into football clicked in 'Championship' section of the 'UK Leagues & Cups' within 'Football' as advised to do by the live chat on the site, but nothing coming up the match I'm looking or is ...
  2. nanny1

    Samsung S5

    I have a Samsung S5 mobile phone, is this classed as an IPhone ? this may sound really stupid to some people but am really not into mobile phones but need to make money :-[ BJ
  3. nanny1

    20 Cogs

    Hi Have anyone heard of 20 Cogs, I've just come across their site and wondering if it's worth joining ? BJ
  4. nanny1

    Change user name

    Hi Could an administrator please change my user name to BJ rather than using my full name CHeers
  5. nanny1

    I've really gone wrong!!!

    I almost completed the first walk through on Profit Accumulator and gone terribly wrong somewhere, usual thing for me family interrupting... >:( It all looks to complicated to explain here, can I please PM someone to explain in depth maybe copy and paste from my account !! I've emailed PA and...
  6. nanny1

    HELP !!!!

    Finally plucked up courage and opened up Coral account and can't see any offer on there for free bet !!! Can't believe I've done this. Not sure what to do any advice please :'(
  7. nanny1

    opening account through topcash

    I've been on Profit Accumulator and had a look through the beginners section, going to scan some ID documents on laptop when I finish wo today. If I open my Betting Accounts through Topcash can I then go back to PA log in and use those account. Hope this makes sense. Think I'm confusing myself...
  8. nanny1


    Hi, I've just registered and wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm hoping to give up my part time job as sick and tired of commuting in heavy traffic, to then be bogged down with office politics. Having just moved I want to be able to enjoy my new home, and spend some time with my 3 month old...