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  1. DadsDoItRight

    About to go self employed

    So i have worked in travel for approximatly 2 years on a employed basis but am making choice to move to a full time travel agent on a self employed basis. I will be working from home. I have never been self employed before so curious on what must do's there is and any tips for making the...
  2. DadsDoItRight

    Hey guys tax issue

    Sorry guys been away for a while but back now at least for foreseeable future. I have had my tax estimates through for next year and see car benefit is on there. I have updated via government gateway but I got rid of the car before I left previous employment in June last year and was told...
  3. DadsDoItRight

    affiliate / email marketting

    Anybody do this or have any info on it? IE is it scammy or frowned upon? is it profitable?
  4. DadsDoItRight

    Swagbucks 192 swagbucks in 2 minutes

    Worth checking out if you use swagbucks check out my video on it. let me know if it works for you
  5. DadsDoItRight

    Wordpress go to Plugins - whats yours?

    I personaly love Jetpack. I use the stats element of it a lot Whats yours and why?
  6. DadsDoItRight

    Youtube search rankings

    I know youtube has a SEO basis like the rest of the interweb and have been looking a lot into it lately. But is there a way to check what page your video would show up on like there is with google etc. I can't seem to find one. When I do a search it shows on page 1 but its also on my channel so...
  7. DadsDoItRight


    Does anybody run a shopify store or have you tried. I kinda like the idea of running a Tshirt business and have seen it can be quite easy to do but dubious over the "if it seems to good to be true, it usually is" quote lol.
  8. DadsDoItRight

    Writing a post you don't want to

    Hi Guys I'm in a bit of a conflict situation, I would like to and also don't want to put a post up. I had some issues with a previous employer that have failed to get back to me or apologize for the issues they caused me with final pay. I have emailed the higher management several times and...
  9. DadsDoItRight

    Quick one about request a bet

    on the Derby bristol city match tonight. there is a request a bet for Derby to win and under 2.5 goals I am right in thinking this is the same as derby to win to nil right. as would have to be Derby 1 or 2 nil to win correct.
  10. DadsDoItRight

    TMS YouTubers

    I dont know if this is a thing yet but with the recent changes as highlighted by @Chammy it should be. You can see Chammy's post about the changes here I know we have the blog sharing post. This could help benefit us with...
  11. DadsDoItRight

    Wasnt sure where to post this but want to thank the forum

    Guys and Gals THANK YOU This forum has gave me drive for the year ahead. I have aims to accomplish and targets now set on what I want in this next year. I have already started with a few getting them underway. So far in 2018 I have Achieved Getting started with comping Launching a Youtube...
  12. DadsDoItRight

    Matched Betting Hating on the inplay tennis

    Wow, this is horrid and great at the same time. So I decided to take advantage of the coral offer of 5 inplays of £5 for a free £5. Well, what can I say I both loved and hated this experience. Why I loved it. The odds shift really quickly 3/5 bets I placed to qualify were actually making a...
  13. DadsDoItRight

    Matched betting Journey so far.

    Well i have to admit i was a little skeptical with how this was going to pan out but so far I am impressed. I had accounts with most major bookies prior to starting and a lot of online accounts. But I paid my £18 quid and thought well its £18 if i lose it I know it can be earned back easily. So...
  14. DadsDoItRight

    Adsense - yellow box

    My site was approve by google Adsense and I have created some ad code on the site. But when I go to put it in the code on my site it only seems to show a yellow box. Anybody had any experience with this before. Also any other recommended revenue streams from the blog?
  15. DadsDoItRight

    Those difficult days

    Hi Guys and Gals, What do you find gets you through those days where you just feel deflated and low. The last few days have been like that for me no idea why and I really shouldn't, I had the money in my bank from a PPI and home life is good but I just feel "meh". I am sure we all have them...
  16. DadsDoItRight

    Matched Betting Spreadsheet.

    Does anybody have a decent useable spread sheet. thanks for your time.
  17. DadsDoItRight

    I have accounts with a lot of mainstream bookies can I still Matched Bet?

    I have accounts with a lot of online bookies already can match betting still work I understand the concept of a lot of them build a bank roll by using the initial bonus methods. I think it could still be done with a small bank roll but may take time. Has anyone had any success with little...
  18. DadsDoItRight

    New to Comping

    Hi guys I have been looking into comping I would like to be able to say do a half hour every few days. Anybody have any advice for someone new to it. I would like some info on how you guys find the right comps to enter. I have Superlucky di and prizefinder, I would also like info on keeping...
  19. DadsDoItRight

    Growing a blog for passive view.

    Hi guys i am fairly new here. I was curious if anyone had any advice on growing a blog. I have not long been doing one and hoping to increase my daily views. How did you go about growing yours. Thanks in advance.