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  1. Kevinburrow

    Coronavirus Discussion Coronavirus effect on matched betting

    It looks as if virtually all sports are going to be off limits for some time. Do you think the monthly fee is worth it now?
  2. Kevinburrow

    Passive Income Earner Packity (like Honeygain)

    So just started using this for a few days and it's doing a lot better for me than Honeygain, which has fallen off a cliff for me. On average I'm getting just over $1 a day from my pc and it works fine alongside Honeygain EDIT - After...
  3. Kevinburrow

    Surveys £10 for 10 minute survey

    edit, regretfully there was smallprint saying that anyone using the link would not get paid as it was unique for me ;( However, since the survey was so easy and the reward excellent, it's probably worth recommending the site - Hopefully they have more like this :)...
  4. Kevinburrow

    Other Earning Opportunity Football Index - I just made £10 in a few clicks (I think)

    So I noticed there was a thread on Football Index already but not for this promotion as far as I could tell. If you sign up with my referral code 535195 and deposit £10 you instantly get another £10 added. I have just done this using a mate's code and immediately made a withdrawal request of...
  5. Kevinburrow

    Other Earning Opportunity Feedbackers - paid for watching films and providing feedback

    I've just lifted this from 'Workonline' at Reddit, but it looks pretty good. Pay isn't that great but if you like watching films it's potentially a bit on the side: And a link to the thread -
  6. Kevinburrow

    Question / Discussion Interesting post on Beermoney uk - a plethora of paid research sites paying well

    So I'll just copy/paste it here and see if anyone had heard of any of these: Hello People! I am trying to assemble a comprehensive list of links to UK market research companies which maintain databases of focus group participants and UK market research participant recruiters. The list which I...
  7. Kevinburrow

    Swissborg Cryptocurrency game where you can win money, no ID required

    So I'm by no means a crypto expert but this seems like a no-lose situation so I'm giving it a go. This seems decent and apparently pays out within 90 days. My referral RQ6KPJI Swissborg is a fintech based in Lausanne Switzerland, having raised a vast amount of money in 2018 ($50m) they have a...
  8. Kevinburrow

    Microtasks Eraworkers So this looks interesting. Was recommended on Beermoneyuk on Reddit. As ever I will give it a testrun and post back on whether it's worthwhile. Tasks look easy and well paid on first view, but it's rarely that easy, is it? :D
  9. Kevinburrow

    Grab Points

    Delete if this is already known, I didn't see it anywhere. Has pretty good reviews on trustpilot. Looks interesting, lots of surveys. Uses Paypal and you can cashout at only $3. I'm not endorsing it just yet as I haven't used it but someone on Reddit said they made $40 in a few hours...
  10. Kevinburrow

    Worst survey sites

    I think it's high time we name some of the worst survey sites based on experience, and hopefully to make them offer fair compenation for time spent. I just received this: 56p for a 30 minute survey? Seriously? :D I know there's quite a few people who use it a lot, but I'd include Panelbase...
  11. Kevinburrow

    At what point do you start creaming off the top of your bank?

    I'm only at £650 (£500 betfair, £150 matchbook) right now, which is still enough to achieve most matched bets I need in a day, but I haven't yet taken any money from my exchange account. This means I have been gaining steady money but not really drawing any for myself at this stage. At what...
  12. Kevinburrow

    Poker freerolls

    Does anyone do them? I remember doing them quite a bit back 5+ years ago, and some had very lucrative prizes. Seems that's not so much the case these days. Any good ones?
  13. Kevinburrow

    Do you guys use both mb companies?

    I can see this might be worthwhile when I have a bank of £1000 plus or so but to begin with I expect I'll be making losses on the monthly fees if I use both?
  14. Kevinburrow

    Matched Betting Question Anyone have referral codes for Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey?

    I'm trying the free trials first but I'm pretty likely to go Premium once I get enough money together. Might as well helps one of you earn a bit extra :)