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  1. alanp

    Matched Betting Question Help needed. Acca 3rd leg, layed the wrong outcome!

    I have a Mr.Green free £10, 3 leg Acca The first two legs both won at the bookie So this morning I went to lay the 3rd leg, which is Watford vs Arsenal on Sunday The bookie is backing Watford So I went to lay Watford at odds of 3.94...done it, but then realised I'd laid the draw by...
  2. alanp

    Match odds unmanaged

    This is next to one of my lay bets on Betfair, for a Championship game - does anybody know what it means? Google didn't help much! Cheers!
  3. alanp

    Last leg of accumulator not matching

    Morning all! I have a 3 leg accumulator (free bet) placed at the bookies The first 2 won at the bookies and the 3rd leg plays this Saturday The problem is, the pot at the exchange isn't moving from around £4 and the liability is going to be around £ a it likely to go up by...
  4. alanp

    Free spins

    Hi all I've just had my very first marketing email from Betfred (after placing my qualifying and free bets this morning) It's 10 free spins, no I safe to just do them?! Cheers and apologies for the noob question!