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  1. strawbubbi

    Question / Discussion Not exactly a beginner but haven't done this for a long time now and need some advice

    Hi, So basically I started making money online to help pay off my debt at the time (about £1,500) which I managed to pay off within a year and then mostly laid off with the surveys and money making to focus more on just enjoying life/working/family etc. I then became pregnant in July, and since...
  2. strawbubbi

    What's your current favourite survey site?

    Thank you everyone for your replies. I'm a few quid away from cashing out on populouslive for the first time. I wish they had more surveys avaliable. I cashed out with YouGov just before christmas and it took so long that I've not bothered since, although I guess I should. I do Qmee, Curious Cat...
  3. strawbubbi

    What's your current favourite survey site?

    I've got so many survey sites saved and signed up to, but which are your favourites at the moment? I'd love to hear, please feel free to add more than one and explain why you enjoy them so much, and how often pay out is too :) Thanks!
  4. strawbubbi

    20 Cogs

    I personally think 20cogs is a waste of time and a big risk to lose a lot of money.
  5. strawbubbi

    Hey. I just want to earn about £1000 a month .

    Nope I prefer it with survey apps like Qmee, Curious Cat, QuickThoughts, One Poll etc. I can lay in bed and get a load done if I can't sleep, I do some on my break at work. That's where most of my earnings come from. If I used my laptop more I'd definitely do more survey websites but by the...
  6. strawbubbi

    Best transcription sites for beginners?

    I totally understand and agree with you about paying full attention, I will definitely try and give them another go, thank you :)
  7. strawbubbi

    Best transcription sites for beginners?

    I just did a quick test on one website and I was around 72 words per minute and passed their test, I just messed up on the test with the multichoice answers, those damn apostrophes :oops:
  8. strawbubbi

    Hey. I just want to earn about £1000 a month .

    Do you have your list published on the forum anywhere? I'd be interested in reading it :) I have a list of different things in folders on my browser but I forget which ones are worth it, as I use my phone mostly for surveys etc
  9. strawbubbi

    Hey. I just want to earn about £1000 a month .

    I just signed up for Take Note and failed the second test :oops::oops:
  10. strawbubbi

    Best transcription sites for beginners?

    Hi, I'm very interested in trying out trascribing but I've never done it before. I recently took the rev transcription test and failed, probably because I didn't read through the instructions so may try again another time if im allowed. I enjoy that sort of work and would like to possibly start...
  11. strawbubbi

    My moneymaking journey...

    I don't blame you about deleting the Vypr app, it takes forever for me to get steers even when I've deleted and re-installed the app. Some people seem to be able to cash out very quickly, I have no idea how. I might delete it even though I quite enjoy the app which is a shame :/
  12. strawbubbi

    Smartphone Apps [OT] Streetspotr, free smartphone app that pays you for doing simple, fun tasks

    I've had streetspotr for a while now and have only ever had one task which is a few miles away from me so no good. Hope they get more popular soon!
  13. strawbubbi

    VAST... Real or Scam?

    Thats good, I wasn't sure if it was genuine or not. Thanks! :)
  14. strawbubbi

    The Money Shed Presents : The Beginners Guide to Earning Online Toolkit

    I have a question.. I know you can earn up to £1000 before you have to claim as self employed and tell the tax man to pay tax etc.. But do you have to tell anyone else such as tax credits/universal credits etc, about any extra income even if its say only £20 a month? I'm still new to this and I...
  15. strawbubbi

    Free £10 Amazon Voucher - Abaka

    Got my code today and it worked straight away, thanks :) I told my partner about it and he signed up but now they've changed it to a £5 voucher!
  16. strawbubbi

    VAST... Real or Scam?

    Hi all So I've been entering various tech/gaming related giveaways on a website called Vast and I'm not sure whether it's a legit giveaway site. I'm just curious to see if anyone on here has won a giveaway hosted on there? I don't want to be wasting my time just for clickbait. Thanks! Abby
  17. strawbubbi

    ----- The Introduce yourself thread! -----

    Hi everyone! My names Abby :) I live in Hereford with my partner and 2 year old son. I currently work part-time as a healthcare assistant with a long-term goal of being a Paramedic. However I'm currently working on paying my £1000 debt off before I buy my first car and then I can work on...
  18. strawbubbi

    May 2018 Moneymaking challenge

    haha, I was thinking maybe dog grooming or something :P