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    Congratulations, I wish you all the joys and blessings of a baby in your home.

    Congratulations, I wish you all the joys and blessings of a baby in your home.
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    Banking RateSetter £20 bonus for £10 Deposit

    ATTN: @bobcat2010 I used your referral link but unable to complete the registration, however the chat customer service said they were aware of the problem and would revert back. Please let me know if you are not credited with your commission.
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    Making 2019 MY year

    Well done, with hard work, working smart and being consistent, things will only get bigger and better . Best of luck.
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    TopCashback [OT] TopCashBack

    :) Thank you to everyone who has been posting the mega treats answers here. I am still hoping to win something before the promo runs out.
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    Matched Betting Guide / Instructions Football Index - all about it

    This looks "doable", thank you for write up.
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    Fintech - Curve, Monzo, Revolut, Snoop, ZipZero etc.

    I am not surprised, I expect more changes as they and other Fintech providers get more clients and patronage. Still, I think they are very good additions to traditional Banks. I really like and have benefited from the free overseas withdrawals.
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    2020 Goals!

    1) I intend to spend more of my time with those who really matter to me. 2) Make the effort to go out to events (with my loved ones) more 3) Put more efforts into setting and achieving personal goals
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    What do you do on Christmas day?

    Christmas day was brilliant, indoors with my family. We are leaving in a few minutes for extended family annual meet up. I have not done sales for years thankfully, ( I now wonder why it used to be a vital part of Christmas for me years ago). I hope everyone had a pleasant time.
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    Ho Ho Ho!!! December Money Making Challenge 2019

    Lol, I have not seen one of these (scammy letters) in a while. I just hope people are not falling for them anymore.
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    What do you do on Christmas day?

    We love Christmas :). We attend the Christmas Mass then back home to open presents and eat. We call family and friends, watch at least 1 classic movie (sound of music, etc) then have an early night as we will either be hosting if it is our turn or go visiting family on boxing day (4 branches of...
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    Why do people not commit to long term online money making?

    My full time job is time consuming (as I also work shifts) and I have a wonderful growing family so I manage my time around them as much as possible, this makes searching for and 100% concentrating on online earning opportunities not a priority for me at this time. I tend to do PA and IPSOS...
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    Shares / Stocks Freetrade - Free share worth £3-80

    Yes, I deposited, contacted their customer service who confirmed and said I should expect free share by tomorrow.
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    Transfer go Free £10

    I used your link. Cheers
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    Shares / Stocks Freetrade - Free share worth £3-80

    Hello deanno 23, I used your link. cheers
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    Shares / Stocks Freetrade - Free share worth £3-80

    I just signed up to trading 212. here is my link if anyone would like to use it. Cheers Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to £100? Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link and we both get a free share!
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    Become an Alison course publisher and earn

    This is a brilliant idea and I intend to make jump on it, thank you for sharing.
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    Matched Betting Discussion Favourite Exchange?

    I used to use only Betfair (and I prefer it as it appears to have the most liquidity). However, I have not been active in MB recently so have switched to Smarkets to benefit from the 0% commission.