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  1. Terriixx

    New money target!

    £500 by mid July, shouldn’t be too hard, but I’m not doing matched betting and there’s not many mystery shopping/task app tasks around me. I’m saving the money in my PayPal account for now because otherwise I’ll end up spending it if I leave it in my normal savings or current account. I’ve...
  2. Terriixx

    Money Tracker...

    How do you all keep track of how much money you've earned through things like apps and surveys? I have a very simple spreadsheet I did, but somehow I feel it could be so much better. I've looked online and can't really find what I want Tried to attach a pic of my current one and doesn't seem...
  3. Terriixx

    Has anyone ever heard of the above site? Seems a bit strange but maybe it's legit. It seems to just be lots of 4 digit captchas that you haev to write what they are and its $0.10 a time. And you can't cash out until USD 150 and once you've done your first withdrawal they reduce it to USD 5...
  4. Terriixx

    Credit Card Overpaying

    Hi! Just a question but couldn't find a general chat thread for this month to post it I have a Halifax Credit Card and it is currently showing at £0, but in February I have £175 coming out for a hotel (won't be paid until check in at the hotel) I am on a 0% until Jan 2019 with it, if that...
  5. Terriixx

    Why did you choose your username?

    Curious how people come up with their usernames, I always find it really difficult... What's the story behind yours? Mines pretty simple, just my name (Terri) with 2 i's and x's Terriixx
  6. Terriixx

    Reward Shopping!

    I am really sorry if there is already a thread regarding this site: But I'd be very grateful if people would use my referral code, Thank youuuu!
  7. Terriixx

    Hi Jon! Please Delete :)

    Hi Jon, Can you delete this topic please :) Thanks :) xx
  8. Terriixx

    Bounts & Fitbit

    Does anyone have a FitBit or a Bounts account and wants to be friends on there? Try to Challenge and motivate eachother?
  9. Terriixx

    StreetBees Ref

    Hi! I may be being completely blind but couldn't find a street bees referral post anywhere. Anyone got one I can use please? :)
  10. Terriixx

    New Laptop

    I'm starting an evening English class in September so I mentioned to the bf that I'm going to need to replace my old broken laptop... He's agreed to buy me one for my birthday next month, as he's just received a 12 month 0% credit card- Great Timing! :D I'm no good at specs though. This is the...
  11. Terriixx

    Group Badge??

    Does anyone know how you're supposed to get the group badge? It says "Be a member of a different group than normal"... But I can't figure out how to join or group or anything... Am I just being blind?
  12. Terriixx

    Are My Coins Worth Anything?

    I keep coming across coins with interesting images on them, so I've been saving them. Now I'm thinking they may be worth something. I have no idea where I'd go to get them looked at, and looking online confuses me majorly. So thought I'd ask and see if anyone on here has any idea. :) All have...
  13. Terriixx

    Prepayment Meter Tracking

    Hi! I use a spreadsheet for my budget and it has tabs on the bottom for my Gas and Electric bills. You input the date, amount and how many weeks that's for and it will work out your average week, month and year amounts... I'm on a prepayment meter though so I've tried to work out roughly how...
  14. Terriixx

    How Much?

    Hi! I've just recently downloaded and started using the Spare5 app... Just thought I'd ask people... How long have you had the app? How much have you made? Just being nosey :) I've had it about 2 weeks now and total earnings is $4.64 :)
  15. Terriixx


    Not sure if allowed, but does anyone know the cheapest place to buy an iPhone that would run the Spare5 app... (4s/5..??) It would only be used for iPhone apps that I can't get on my android, so I don't really want to spend a lot. Thanks, Terri
  16. Terriixx

    Sending PayPal Payments

    Hi, Don't think I've posted this in the right place, but delete or move if it's not right. I'm just wondering if I can send some money from PayPal to my Nationwide ISA? I don't want to test it and end up losing the money if it doesn't work. Thank you, Terri x
  17. Terriixx

    Saving for a holiday!

    Hi, Wow, my first topic posty thingy on here! :) Me and my partner are planning a trip to Shanghai in October 2016 with his Tai Chi class, we're each aiming for at least £2000 by then. And I'm going to need to buy a passport too. I'm wanting to have the money preferably by June/July next year...
  18. Terriixx

    Newbie! Help!

    Hi! Newbie here, long time lurker but think this is my first ever post! Yippee. :) I've been reading in the forum and can't seem to find the answer to this so maybe someone could help me here. How do I add a profile picture, or edit anything about my profile? When I go to 'modify profile', all...