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  1. cashbacklover2019

    Quidco Referral Quidco Refer A Friend

    Quidco are currently offering £12.50 each if sign up via my friend link once £5.00 cashback has been confirmed ( I am a premium member) Easy to get more than £5.00 without spending anything feel free to send me a message if I can help further :cool:
  2. cashbacklover2019

    Banking L and C Mortgage Broker - £5 Amazon voucher - refer a friend

    This is worth a go IMHO £5 Amazon voucher for free just for filling out and submitting the form :) I have just submitted form for a re-mortgage with them Note £5 Amazon voucher is not instant payout Every time a friend that you introduce to L&C submits our online Mortgage Finder, we’ll...
  3. cashbacklover2019

    Other Referrals This cashback site cropped up on another forum a few weeks ago, minimum £10.00 cashin level, £10.00 referral if/when someone referred cashes in, send me a message mentioning used my link, should £10.00 referral be paid out I will split mine paying £5.00 by...
  4. cashbacklover2019

    £50 BT Referral Scheme

    Cheapest Fibre Package is currently £24.99 a month - I dont believe that package qualifies for cashback via a cashback site £50 Amazon voucher each if take out BT Broadband via my link
  5. cashbacklover2019

    Utility Company Home Insurance Buildings And/Or Contents Insurance Ends 31 December 2019 up-to 100.00 cashback

    HOME INSURANCE BUILDINGS AND/OR CONTENTS INSURANCE REFER A FRIEND "buzzvault is an award winning InsurTech bringing the benefits of technology to the outdated world of home insurance. We’re regulated by the FCA and backed by White Mountains Insurance Group, one of the worlds’ leading investors...
  6. cashbacklover2019

    MyMoneyPocket Referral

    Joined this morning, has same contact address as Topcashback/belongs to same group of companies as Topcashback :) Edit - rates were slashed on 25th Icelolly 4p x 2 per day - Booking Buddy 2p x 3 per day £1.20 Ourtime via desktop new stated rate tracks 20p Hive Gas tracked - echohive +...
  7. cashbacklover2019

    CashbackToday Referral Cashback Today

    £20 min payout for free payout £1 bonus for joining 50p if you post to Facebook.- risk that high value daily clicks wont last and thus wont get to cashout - easy 20.00 if cashout is reached. :) No minimum cashin level if pay £1.00 fee/charge for withdrawals under £20.00 I joined 13th October...
  8. cashbacklover2019

    Lloyds Bank 125.00 switch

    I thought this might be worth a mention if helps someone get an easy 125.00 who is not already aware, 125 goes in account before switch completes, no direct debits required - New Club Lloyds account must be opened by 5th November. - First time I have ever known Lloyds Bank do a switch incentive...
  9. cashbacklover2019

    FREE £10 Giftcard from Western Union

    Links all taken thanks to those who use my links :)