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    Transcribe Work Audio bee - recording sentences

    Hey, Just found this website called audiobee where you get paid $7 to record 200 sentences. Pays by PayPal. Took me around 15 minutes to do it. Not been paid yet, but I have seen proof of payment from the person who recommended it to me and lots of positive Facebook reviews from people who've...
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    To make £1000 from cashback alone

    Hey, Ive decided to start this diary to track the money I'm making through switching bank accounts and cashback websites. This will be a slower earner than most of my others so I figured this is a great way to track it. My aim for this month is to open a bank account that gives me a reward...
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    Focus group - north wales looking for people

    I've been sent an email about a focus group looking for people who live in North Wales and are interested in news and current political events to take part in a focus group in Wrexham for £70. Its on Thursday 3rd October at 5.45pm for 2.5 hours in Wrexham LL13. I'm not suitable but thought...
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    New app out called snatch. I've just started today, it is an augmented reality were you have to collect boxes from local areas like pokemon go. Inside the boxes are coins or prizes. You can also snatch boxes from other local people. The box has to be active for 6 hours and then you won the...
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    My Blogging adventure - thriftydishes

    I've decided to start a blog on thrifty meals and shopping as I love both food and saving money. The only post I have at the minute is a welcoming post but I am half way through a post on 10 ways to save money on your food shop. I appreciate any feedback that people can give me. My blog is...
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    Starting a blog

    So after asking where I can post recipes online, I've decided to start a food blog. I'm going to be focusing on thrifty meals and ways to save money on food. As that's something I've become quite good at. I'm thinking of using the name - and wonder if you think that's a...
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    Making money from Recipes

    I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere you can make money from recipes - I've recently taken a lot more pictures of the food I'm cooking and wonder if I can do anything with it. I know there's student eats, they are currently updating their submission form so I can't put anything on there...
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    Emailing companies for vouchers

    I decided to try emailing some companies this week asking if they had any vouchers or coupons. Has anyone tried this before?