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    Question / Discussion FREE Domains available via LCN

    So is this only a free domain and not hosting? Looks OK, but I've only got 3 spaces in my hosting account.
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    Other Earning Opportunity Make Money With Print On Demand

    How do you know what size to make the design in GIMP? I tried using GIMP, but it doesn't seem very user friendly, so a Youtube video suggested starting in Canva and then copying over to GIMP and making the background transparent, then saving as .PNG
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    Matched Betting Discussion [OT] Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post}

    Laba360 closed a while back, they sent an email to account holders. Lots of bookies seem to have ceased trading such as Givemebet, Bookee, M88, MoPlay.
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    Other Earning Opportunity Make Money With Print On Demand

    Well done @rich110991, the design looks good. Which software did you use for your design?
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    Other Earning Opportunity Make Money With Print On Demand

    GIMP looks daunting to use. Can we use canva instead?
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    Lionbridge [OT] Lionbridge Work Opportunities

    You'll get a follow-up notification when they're ready for you to start. Patience is a virtue.
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    Lionbridge [OT] Lionbridge Work Opportunities

    I've not yet tried to withdraw, but aren't PayPal currency conversion rates really bad? So you'd lose out, or am I overthinking this.
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    Coronavirus Discussion What happened to you in 2008 the last time a recession hit?

    One issue is the employers. Like if you have X number of 'incidents' of sickness in a six month or rolling year period, you get hauled in for a grilling. No sense whatsoever of individual circumstance.
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    Savings and Interest

    The problem with circa 1% is losing money to inflation. Peer to peer lending is to be avoided surely? It might be better to consider an all-weather investment trust or risk parity fund for a small portion of money - depending on the sums involved. Or even a ladder of fixed term savings accounts.
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    Lionbridge [OT] Lionbridge Work Opportunities

    How is everyone dealing with getting the money out of PayPal (since Lionbridge pay us in US dollars) and don't we get stung for conversion fees at PayPal and for a bank withdrawal? I did think about trying Transferwise, or is there a better way of withdrawing to a bank account? maybe Revolut...
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    Lionbridge [OT] Lionbridge Work Opportunities

    I'm being transferred to the other ratings task from next week. Pay seems the same, but sounds like it might be easier. (reward for my piercing insights?)
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    Other Earning Opportunity Test, Track and Trace Home- Working

    People don't trust the government due to the lies and misleading information.
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    Coronavirus Discussion Coronavirus effect on matched betting

    Is it going to be held behind closed doors? (sorry for daft question, but stopped watching the news media due to overload)
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    Smartphone Apps [OT] Roamler - Earn money using your iPhone or Android device

    Can someone please PM me a Roamler invite code. Thanks.
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    Question / Discussion Is there anyone on here already earning a part time salary blogging?

    Gambling is where you're hoping for a certain outcome to occur. However, if you use Matched Betting, then both sides of the bet are covered, which isn't gambling. For example, arbitrage betting - betting on all outcomes to lock in a profit. It's largely a question of semantics though :). I'm...
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    Transcribe Work speech recording Neevo

    The payment email includes a job code, I just copy & paste that into my earnings spreadsheet along with a payment date. But yeah it is kinda random.
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    Question / Discussion Is there anyone on here already earning a part time salary blogging?

    @The Reverend, I just wanted to clarify about your mention of promoting gambling on a blog. Lots of bloggers are promoting Matched Betting, which is risk-free in its basic form. This can morph into low risk, mathematically sound advantage play strategies. Neither are gambling per se, but based...
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    Other Earning Opportunity GTA 5 Premium edition for free

    To confirm, this is completely free and will run on a bog standard windows 10 laptop?
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    Smartphone Apps BeMyEye UK

    They've got some available missions in France lol. Je ne comprende pas.
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    Offer Paywall Site nearly got scammed or hoodwinked

    I received an email from OhMydosh saying that I was banned from their site for being associated to multiple IP addresses or some gubbins. I told them that I'd not signed in or used the site for almost a year, but never got a reply. Seems like a strange set-up.