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  1. Katwoman28

    Earn $25 for signing up to Payoneer & I get $25 too!

    Payoneer can be used to make payments or you can load the cash to a pre-paid credit card once you have $50 in your account. I'd be so grateful to anyone signing up through me! Thanks...
  2. Katwoman28

    Wild Deo Natural Deodorant - refer for free products

    Refer your friends to earn free deodorant! 'We are a small passionate team with big ambitions and need your help to spread the word for the launch of our first natural deodorant range that really works.' For 5 referrals you get a free travel deodorant 10 = free full size deodorant 25 = free...
  3. Katwoman28

    O2 Pay Monthly referral £25 Amazon each!

    I'm delighted to have found out about this! £25 each when a friend signs up to O2. Here's my link: Thanks!
  4. Katwoman28

    WhiteStuff 20% off for friend £10 for you!

    I used to work for WhiteStuff and hadn't been aware of this offer since leaving. When your friends sign up for 20% off through you, you get £10 credit. Here's the link: (I swear by their jeggings!) Thanks Terms:- The referred friend is...
  5. Katwoman28

    Earn freebies by walking with Earthmiles - 50 points for you 100 for me (like Sweatcoin)

    I've just signed up with Earthmiles as I've been enjoying Sweatcoin and all of the freebies it's given me. The idea is the same, in that you allow it access to your step count and you're rewarded in points that can be spent on snacks, activities and more. Here's my link if you'd like to sign up...
  6. Katwoman28

    HUSSLE (was PayAsUGym) free gym visit credit including Nuffield etc

    If you sign up through my link I'll receive £20 credit and you'll receive 50% off your first order. Having used this for over a year on and off I've been delighted with the range of offers I've been sent and have had a good few freebies.
  7. Katwoman28

    Awaymo flights - £20 credit each

    I've just signed up through a friend. Looks like you can pay up flights over the course of 10 payments to spread costs. If you sign up through me we both get £20 credit! Enter 3U307 if prompted. Thanks
  8. Katwoman28

    HomeProtect Insurance £50 Amazon Vouchers Each

    Hi, I've just signed up for a year on direct debit with HomeProtect, who get good reviews and have cheap cover. If you kindly sign up through my link we both get £50 Amazon Vouchers! Thanks
  9. Katwoman28

    PickMyPostcode (was Postcode Lottery)

    I couldn't find a thread for this after searching. Here's the schpeel.... Get up to 20p for each new referral you make, and make up to 1000 referrals. That's an extra £200 you could add to your winnings! The amount you earn per referral is based on what Bonus each referral has earned for...
  10. Katwoman28

    PPI & Bank Charge refund with Fair Trade Practice - voucher referrals

    Well I was totally dubious about doing this but thought I'd give it a go to get my friend their £20 gift voucher for referring me! This morning I had £508 refunded to me by my bank which was a total surprise. I'll need to give the company their cut that was made clear to me in the first...
  11. Katwoman28

    So Energy Supplier - £20 per friend referral - I've made £140!

    I've been with this supplier for my gas less than 2 months and I've earned £140 off my bill by referring my closest friends and family. With 2 young kids, ice on the insides of our windows and a thermometer reading of -5c tonight this is a great relief! If you'd like to sign up and get £20 each...
  12. Katwoman28

    Classpass app Yoga, Pilates, gym time and other £50 credit - Worldwide

    By clicking my link to join you get £50 worth of free yoga, Pilates, exercise classes and gym time at various places across the U.K and worldwide. I benefit by getting £30 of classes for me too! Add everyone you know and exercise for free. Thanks