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    Credit Default from Bank

    Canvassing opinion here as not sure what to do. Annoyingly I got a £10 bank charge on an account I rarely use a few months ago. Unfortunately I hadn't twigged it had put me £10 in debt with them and has now shown up 2 months in a row on my credit report as a missed payment :mad::mad::mad: I've...
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    Trading Cards - Pokemon, MTG etc

    Anyone ever sold trading cards on ebay? I've got a stash of pokemon cards I might try my luck with - I'm in 2 minds as my son is into pokemon now but he's got some cards of his own and he just bends the crap out of them... Would welcome anyone sharing their experiences!
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    New Royal Mail Prices for 2019!!

    Just a little reminder for you all that Royal Mail's new prices come into force today so you may wish to update your P&P costs! Links to prices and online prices here:
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    Buying bulk media lots on Ebay

    Anyone buy bulk on ebay for CDs, DVDs, games etc? Any successes? Personally I've had success with smaller lots of vinyl, and also bought 200 cassettes end of last year for just under £200 (a high price but there were some really rare ones!) which should be a really good earner through discogs...
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    How not to get gubbed

    Would be lovely if you could all drop some hints and tips here (I know it's not an exact science and some gubs may be inevitable...) as I am becoming paranoid about being gubbed already... p'raps I overthink things :| To get the ball rolling, a question! After a long-ish odds free bet came in...
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    Ladbrokes 1-2-FREE

    Didn't see a thread about this so apologies if its been mentioned a lot before. if you have the Ladbrokes app you can predict 3 correct scores for free. 1 correct gets you a £2 free bet 2 correct a £5 free bet all 3 a £100 cash prize! Anyone played before? Any successes? NB: It may be wise...
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    Make more money on your sales by buying stamps in advance!

    Here's one you may not have considered - if you are a regular online seller did you know you can give your profit margin a boost by buying your postage in advance? It's possible to buy unused stamps for a massive discount - I tend to aim to pay about 60% of face value, which is a little more...
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    Necessary Start-up Capital?

    Having previously dabbled a few years ago I want to take up matched betting a bit more seriously. The tools available now seem to make it a lot easier than even it was 3 or 4 years ago; I intend to sign up to either oddsmonkey or profitaccumulator (which one!?) from the get go; as it seems worth...
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    Afternoon all, Anyone here sell music on discogs? I have been doing so off and on for a couple of years and it's a really great resource; whether you buy in bulk to sell or are just selling off stuff you don't want anymore. No insertion fee and an 8% sale fee isn't too bad either. It's not...