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    Other Referrals New - Wingo Card - Free £5/$5

    Join the Wingo card waiting list and receive £5/$5 when they launch in summer 2020, Wingo are accepting customers from the UK, US and Canada. Click the referral link below to get £5/$5 when Wingo launch in summer 2020, easy sign up to join the waiting list. Referral Link Non-Referral Link FAQ
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    Banking RateSetter £20 bonus for £10 Deposit

    This is a great offer for NEW RateSetter Customers as previously you needed to deposit £1000 for £100 bonus. The lower deposit amount may well be much more appealing to you! :) Referral link - Non referral link - (you need to sign...
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    Freshstamp - £10 FREE

    Just download Freshstamp from the app store (iOS only) and you get £10 into your account. You will need to provide read only access to your bank account. 2 minutes later I had £10 in my account. It goes into the account you provide read only access to. The apps a loyalty card scheme so you can...
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    Banking Anna Money FREE £25

    ANNA Money are giving away £25 to new joiners using a referral link (the person referring you also gets £25) It is a business current account for startups, small businesses and sole trader. (Blogging, Etsy, EBay or another other side hustle included!) It is free to open an account and you get a...
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    Robinhood UK early access

    Robinhood UK waiting list is now active, Robin hood is a stock/share app similar to Freetrade. Would assume free shares/stocks will be offered. My Ref link -
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    Free €15 with LUNO

    Buy €250 worth of BTC or ETH and get €15 in BTC or ETH. You can then sell and withdraw to your € wallet and transfer out via IBAN (Revolut, Transferwise, etc.) 1) Download the app 2) Go to profile > settings > verification. Take a photo of your ID/passport...
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    Free €5 with BNC10

    Sign up to BNC10 using this referral link - Verify ID (I used passport and it was done in under a minute) and deposit €25 and you'll receive €5. (I used Monese to deposit, if you use this link to join you will get £15 free after your first card...
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    UK Only - Earn £7 when you top up and send £20 with Verse App

    Verse app is running a promotion where if you top up £20 and send it to another user/send to me and I will send it back straightaway) you will be awarded £7 which can be withdrawn to your bank account. Invite are number based similar to Pingit so please PM me your telephone number and I will...
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    American Express Referral UK Cards

    Hi all, You can get a referral for any UK American Express card using my link and receive bonus points compared to applying directly. This is a special link that also gives even more bonus points than normal so I am offering £30 voucher or transfer to whoever uses it to successfully get a card...
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    Sign Up Offers InstaReM - £17 free

    InstaReM is a money transfer service, which gives you £15 bonus on your first money transfer. Here's how to get your free £15: 1) Sign up on InstaReM through this link and you will get 400 Instapoints, which you can use on your future transactions. - 2)...
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    Loco2 - £5 off train tickets

    Thought you guys might find this useful. £5 off train travel on any UK train route worth over £10 through Locco 2. Steps: Follow my referral link at the bottom of this post Enter your email. Book your train ticket using the same email you used previously and you'll see your ticket is £5...
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    Other Referrals TrainPal £5 Off

    I'm giving you £5 off your first booking with TrainPal. To accept, use code 2eb97b7b to sign up. Enjoy! Click here to download TrainPal.
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    [Ria Money Transfer] Free £20 prepaid Mastercard giftcard

    Note - This referral reward grants only the referrer a £20 reward and not the referee. To make sure everyone benefits please follow the steps below.... 1) Sign up to Ria Money transfer using this link - 2) In the send money dashboard select destination as UK and payment...
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    Free £10 when signing up & sending a payment - Xendpay

    Sign up using a referral link and receive 10 off your first transaction. UK to another country wouldn’t work for me as the IBAN for all the accounts I have including revolut kept saying it’s the wrong country. So I sent money from Germany - UK. I put my normal UK bank account details in and...
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    Free £10 With Coconut

    Sign up to Coconut bank using my link, upload ID and receive an instant free £10 that you can immediately send to your own bank account. ID verification took less than 2 minutes for me. It does say it's a business account, but I just added the name of my Etsy shop and that I'd just started...
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    Free $10 for signing up to Einstein

    Clink the link, sign up, verify using your I.D and instantly receive $10 as soon as your account gets verified. Ref - Non ref - (no free money) It takes a while if...
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    $50 after signing up to using a code

    Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $50 USD Follow the referral link and enter your email address Download the App on the first screen you will see a location to add referral code - add code - 2agpp6sby8 - for $50...
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    Shares / Stocks Freetrade - Free share worth £3-80

    Freetrade, a new share dealing app have introduced a referral scheme. If you open and fund an account, you will get a share worth £3-80. Shares of £80 are less likely but there is nothing to lose. To qualify you will need to have funded your account with a minimum of £1 and purchased 1 stock...
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    Gambling MRQ bingo - 24 Hours FREE Bingo - No Deposit - Winnings Paid in Cash

    Sign up here: You will be given access to the FREE bingo room for 24 hours upon sign-up There are games every 10 mins between the following hours (9am to 10am -- 12am to 1pm -- 3pm to 4pm -- 6pm to 7pm -- 9pm to 10pm) £1 line, £1.50 2 lines, £2.50 full house...
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    FREE 10€ on Change app

    Change app is offering 10€ bonus for new users who join through a referral link. Join using this link - Download, install and register on the app. Verify your account through the app, upload ID and a selfie. Deposit 10 EUR through transfer. I used Monese to...