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    Utility Company Virgin Media Referral

    For anyone looking to join Virgin Media Broadband, use my referral link below and we both get £50 as a reward - they regularly have decent deals with quick speeds for new customers Thank you in advance to anyone that uses the link.
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    Bulb energy - cheap renewable energy and £50 credit for switching!

    Hi, To anyone looking to switch to Bulb, would appreciate if you'd use my referral link £25 credit bonus for both of us if you switch single fuel (gas or electricity) and £50 for both if you switch both to Bulb. They've got good customer service and have always responded when I've emailed. Easy...
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    Banking Revolut Card Offers

    Hi all, Revolut is now giving away £10 each to referrers and anyone that joins, tops up their account and orders a card. The card is really useful, particularly when travelling as they don't charge conversion fees and offer good conversion rates. Also has a good, easy-to-use app to manage your...
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    Banking Deposit £1000 Receive £100 Bonus Fineco Bank

    This referral scheme is quite a good one. Pays £100 just for opening an account and depositing £1000 which can be withdrawn straight away. You can also get a debit card in GBP or EUR (might be helpful for some while spending outside the UK) Will split the £100 I receive (once it's confirmed) and...
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    Refferal links for gas and electricity

    Bulb is definitely really good - they pay off your existing suppliers exit fee and they have no exit fee themselves so you are not tied down to them. Cheapest rate I could get for myself (might be different in other areas) Quite good with the referral bonus - £50 as soon as the switch completes...
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    Banking Xoom Offers

    Just used a link from this thread and received the £10 reward quite quickly. Anyone looking to do this, would appreciate if you use my link Thanks in advance.
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    Banking £25 Free Vanquis Credit Card

    Ah well, thats unfortunate. Got a couple other referrals if youre interested in a new debit card to help monitor spend. They have a few decent features. Monese (£15 each): Monzo (£5 each): Curve: I'm using...
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    Bulb energy - cheap renewable energy and £50 credit for switching!

    Hi all, Anyone looking to save some money on their energy bills, have a look at Bulb energy. I switched to them a few months ago and it has helped reduce my bill. Switching process was very smooth and they have a convenient easy to use app. We both get £75 credit in our accounts if you use my...
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    Cash App?

    Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get £5! LQRSCTQ You can send a family member the £5 and ask them to send it back and both of you will get £5
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    Banking Monese Banking App

    Hi, For anyone still looking to join Monese, the £15 bonus is still on, you can use my link ( on your mobile or add my referral code when you sign up (MINHA869) and we will both earn £15 when you make your first transaction using your monese...
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    Utility Company Virgin Media Referral

    Hi, If anyone is looking to get a virgin media internet connection, contact me for a referral and we could both get £50 off our bills. Thanks.
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    Banking £25 Free Vanquis Credit Card

    Hi, If anyone is looking to apply for a credit card that will help them get their credit score up, Vanquis bank has an easy application process and if you use my referral link and make one transaction within 90 days of approval, we could both get £25 credit as a bonus Referral link...
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    Fancy making a free £5?

    For anyone looking to join Cleo, a convenient service to keep track of your spending and income, use my link, open a wallet and we would both get a £5 bonus that you can instantly withdraw to your bank account! Referral link: Good luck and...
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    Bulb energy - cheap renewable energy and £50 credit for switching!

    Hi, I recently switched my energy supplier to Bulb Energy as they offer a much cheaper tariff than most suppliers (all for me) AND they use renewable energy. They also offer to pay off your old supplier's exit fee and have no exit fee themselves (so you have nothing to lose in giving them a...
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    Banking Monzo £5 on new signup! (Similar to Curve)

    Hi, Monzo is a brilliant online banking service with a good, easy to use app. Join using my link ( and we would both get a free £5 bonus added to our account. Good luck and thank you if you use my link!
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    Banking We Swap free £10 (travel money card)

    Hi, Sign up to WeSwap using my referral link below and we will both get £5 Plus, if you deposit £50 onto your card, we will both get a further £5. You should be able to use your deposit as you would on any other debit card along with the £10 bonus. Good way of spending abroad as well and if you...
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    Banking Curve Card Free £5

    Hi, I use curve as a convenient way of having all my cards on me while carrying only one physical card. Does the job really well Plus, we can both get £5 each if you use my referral link and code: Referral link Code: XDOB527E Make sure to use the code to get the £5...