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    Two questions...

    Hi, I have noticed when posting today that: 1. When I try to quote someone in a post it says "adding message to autoquote" but then the quote doesn't appear in my post 2. The links in my signature don't seem to be clickable anymore Can anyone help please? Thank you
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    Watching a thread on the forum

    hello, sorry if this is a silly question but since the new forum layout has come into place I don't seem to be subscribed anymore to the threads I was watching before. Is there anyway to re-subscribe to them without having to post a reply? Thanks
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    Year 2017 on Match and Go Spreadsheet

    Does anyone use the match and go spreadsheet to track their MB? I have noticed that on the profits tab, there is no year 2017, only 2015 and 16, even though I have quite a few entries on for 2017 now. Not sure how to fix this?
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    Reminder app for laying Accas?

    I have recently dipped my toe into the world of Accas and am finding it difficult to remember when to lay my bets. I don't follow the football at all, so I need some kind of app where i can enter in reminders to pop up on my phone. Emails would be no good as I have emails coming in left right...
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    Forum layout

    Anyone know if its possible to change back to the old forum layout?
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    Signature test

    Just testing out my signature - please ignore :)
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    It is a bit of a slow burner but does add up eventually. My referral link for anyone interested is
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    Referral link etiquette

    Hi all. I have had it on my to-do list for a while to post my referral links on these threads on TMS. Just wanted to check before I go and post my link on all the this OK? Or is the general etiquette for the person who signs up using the previous link to post theirs next and so...
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    General Chat - February 2016

    Couldn't find a thread for Feb so thought I'd start one - Happy February :) What are we all looking forward to this month? I'm on holiday countdown (25 days to go!) and expecting delivery of my tent for Glastonbury today, so a very exciting start to the month for me!
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    Ipsos account cancelled

    So it occurred to me today that I hadn't received any surveys from Ipsos lately so I tried to log into my account and got a message saying it was inactive. I emailed them to find out what was going on and got the following response: "We may confirm we have looked into the situation of your...
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    Keeping on top of forum posts

    This is probably going to sound like a very stupid question ....but I'll ask anyway ;D How do you keep on top of forum posts? Up now I've used email notifications but the more and more threads I subscribe to the more emails I get and its becoming a task in itself going through them each day...
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    Earn £20 in less than half an hour

    Hi all, This is a bit of a strange request, but desperate times call for desperate measures (and I am desperate!). Any keen festival goers among you will be aware that the annual scramble for Glastonbury tickets will be taking place on Sunday 4th October at 9am. I have tried on five previous...
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    Not been paid - can anyone help?

    Well I will start off by saying this experience has taught me a valuable lesson...this whole experience started a couple of months ago when I was still relatively new to making money online and I now keep track of EVERYTHING I do and which company it was via but anyway... Sometime in June I...
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    Are there any fellow travellers here on the forum? I absolutely love my travelling, I've been to 30 something odd countries now and its my main reason for getting out of bed and doing any work whatsoever! Combining the two and doing some travel writing or something similar would be the...
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    Response Panel

    Has anyone had any experience (good or bad) with this survey site? I am trying to contact them about a recent request to cash out through Paypal and am unable to submit a message via their online form, I just keep getting an error message. "Failed to send your message. Please try later or...
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    Can you plagiarise your own work?

    Today I signed up to Dooyoo and Ciao and am quite surprised that after writing two reviews earlier, they already have a few helpful ratings each, so I'm going to try and post regular reviews and see how well I can do with it. I have noticed that there are various travel categories such as...
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    Claiming expenses...

    Just a few questions about expenses I wondered if anyone could help me out with... I'm trying to get my head around whether I'd be better off claiming simplified expenses or calculating them myself... I plan to work a minimum of 60 hours a month from home, which means I'd be eligible to claim...
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    Whatusersdo and Internet Explorer 11

    Has anyone had any issues using Whatusersdo with Internet Explorer 11? I followed every single instruction I could find on the internet but WUD would not recognise that I had Java installed so I couldn't do my audition test. I've now downgraded to IE10 and it is working. Annoying though! Has...
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    Hi, I'm new :)

    Hi all, Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself as I'm new to the forum :) Hope this is in the right place as I couldn't find an introductions board... So, I've recently had my full time work hours slashed in half and I'm taking the opportunity to use the time to try and get up and...