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    Smartphone Apps Receipt Hog

    I signed up to the new site a week or so ago and cashed out to Amazon today. It was pretty much instant. Paypal is also available but costs more.
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    Sign Up Offers Wealthify - £50 cashback for depositing £500 for 3 months+

    It's always wise to diversify your risk - if only to avoid any technical problems stopping you getting at your money if you really need it.
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    ----- The Introduce yourself thread! -----

    Welcome fellow Chelsea person:)
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    is there a decent stocks and shares app

    Trading212 is nicely low cost and lets you buy fractions of shares - which does up the choice of shares for a small portfolio. But it is much easier and intuitive to use on a mobile than on the laptop.
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    Shares / Stocks Trading 212 - Free stock worth up to £100 - Deposit minimum £1 (<24 hours cashout)

    Thanks for the information, guys. My link is Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to £100? Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link and we both get a free share!
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    Question / Discussion Investing in a laptop

    Where do you find open box offers at?
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    Coronavirus Discussion Coronavirus effect on matched betting

    Say Thank You to the Gods of Gambling and transfer most of the money back into my bank account, while keeping a smallish float for free spins etc.
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    Smartphone Apps BeMyEye UK

    Ironically I've had some very delayed confirms coming through via email. Maybe the staff should be deborking the app instead of going through the backlog.
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    Smartphone Apps BeMyEye UK

    Looks like loads of people having the same problem over at their Facebook page.
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    Surveys instaGC

    One of the best sites out there. Nice instant cards and Mastercards, if not Paypal
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    Any one else having problems with the apps

    I did have a Job Spotter network error but it was in an area with a lousy signal and it did go through a little later when the signal got another bar or so.
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    When do you all start saving / spending for Christmas each year?

    I build up an Amazon account balance during the 5 months before Crimbo, pick up bargins as and when and wait to know what the fam want before spending the main balance. This year's first prezzie purchase was in August when some 78p Yankee candles screamed stocking filler.
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    Can you have an account if you live in the UK?

    I've had an Amazon,com account for years as well as a one. It's really handy for sending presents to friends in the States and cards can get applied to it from here. The .com address knows I am in the UK.
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    Watched Threads

    Thanks:) Done. Hopefully now I can be a productive member without my inbox exploding. Never a pretty sight.
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    Watched Threads

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. Is there a toggle on a profile or other button to stop threads automatically emailing me or if I post on a thread do I then have to disable emails on each thread?
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    Pension Bee

    It's always safer to have your eggs in multiple baskets.
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    ----- The Introduce yourself thread! -----

    Been earning from home and out and about for a while. But always keen to hear new ideas and share tips.