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    Smartphone Apps Systemic Confirmation - Facebook Messenger Required

    Hi All, I discovered this company using Facebook. They will pay you to complete simple tasks and you get paid within 24 hours in USD via Paypal. I got paid $0.40 to do a simple task which required me to do a quick search on Google. I got paid in one hour a massive £0.31. Looking at the...
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    Other Earning Opportunity LBRY free crypto-currency$/invite/6EPSgeV9zyVkxwTBywSpNyPQZUn24AHh LBRY is a new protocol which allows anyone to build apps that interact with digital content on the LBRY network. Apps built using the protocol allow creators to upload their work to the LBRY network of hosts (like BitTorrent), to set a...
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    Win an Amazon Gift Card worth $50 / £38 / €44

    Opportunity to Win an Amazon Gift Card Brought to you by Spiral Light Candles, the unique spiral burning candle everyone loves to watch burn.
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    Win a £25 H&M Gift Card!

    Win a £25 H&M Gift Card Click here - You are required to register for this site, but there are LOTS of other competitions which you can simply click and you are in the draw :)
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    Spend £10 and get £10 off KFC or Pizza Hut using Mobile App at Uber EATS

    Spend £10 and get £10 off KFC or Pizza Hut using Mobile App at Uber EATS- New Customers Only - Expires Today
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    Win a bag full of Japanese Kit Kats!

    You have a chance to win yourself a free Kit Kat hamper so hurry up and submit your entry for a chance to win. Good luck :)
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    Other Earning Opportunity Free Amazon Product

    Hi All, I require 5 people for this task. In return, you will receive a free nail cutter and a extra £1 via Paypal from myself :) You must have a Prime Account, the Facebook Messenger App and Paypal. if you are interested send me a message :)
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    Other Referrals Prize Deck

    Hi I have just joined Prize Deck. WIN prizes from leading brands & retailers. Enter now, it's absolutely FREE!
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    Free Amazon Product - Tester

    Hi, I am looking for people who would be willing to test out an Amazon product for free. Refund to be processed within 24 hours.The product is a back and posture corrector. Requirements Facebook Messenger App Amazon Prime Paypal Leave a review after using the product. I also recommend...
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    New House - Advice on Saving Money Needed

    Hi All, Me and my partner have moved into our house over the weekend. There is lots to do and of course lots of things to buy. Any tips on saving money when first moving in?
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    Zizzi Comp - £250 Gift Voucher

    I have entered a competition to win a free £250 Zizzi Gift voucher for me and a friend. However, the friend also needs to enter the competition also using my link. Well...friends :) It's a very quick form to join the competition. Fingers crossed. Deadline...