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    Dooyoo - Earn money writing product reviews

    Dooyoo is a reviews website. Reviews are written from deodorant to the latest gadgets. You can be involved be writing reviews for products you have used yourself and earning some money for each review in the process. You collect dooyooMiles for each review which can then be converted to a...
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    Maximiles - Get rewarded earning points

    Maximiles allows you to earn points by watching videos, surveys, polls, responding to emails + many more. You can do various tasks where you earn points, you can then cash the points in for vouchers or for actual products. I've been on the website for about an hour and a half and have already...
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    Your Say Pays - Earn money completing surveys

    Your Say Pays is a survey site I have been using since 2010. The pay per survey I find can be low, with my lowest surveys being 10p and the highest I've completed at 50p. However I've never really been committed to it (I plan to change that now) but from 14 surveys I've earned £3.95. The...