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  1. Annie Beau

    Saving with Loqbox

    Ive been looking at ways to save without being tied into an Isa and found Loqbox mentioned on a money saving group. It seems great if youre looking to repair a credit rating. It could just be me but the way its exolained on their site isnt very clear - (I had to get my son to explain it using...
  2. Annie Beau

    Surveys Populus Live

    I reached the magical 50 quid figure before the end of August and my points are back to zero - how long is it before the money usually drops in? Opted for BACS . It says two weeks on their site but a few others I am on say that as well and its usually a few days
  3. Annie Beau

    Help or Advice image size

    what size do you set your featured image to? Im just puitting together a few sample posts to get the shape of the site I want to do so Ive loaded a few random pics. I keep getting a message saying that the image needs to be at least 200 x 200 for google to pick it up. But it seems huge and...
  4. Annie Beau

    Blog / Blog Post Promotion If you're looking to start a blog HOST PRESTO..

    Absolutely cannot fault Hostpresto. If you're looking to start a blog, use Jons special offer. Ive started a new site recently, (not a blog) and honestly, the support is AMAZING!
  5. Annie Beau

    Other Earning Opportunity What do you reckon to photos

    I'm thinking of approaching insurance companies, surveyors, loss adjustors etc to see if I can get them to delegate the job of taking photos of damaged properties for insurance claims or survey reports. What do you think? When I had storm damage to a bay window roof the insurance company had to...
  6. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion Selling domains

    Ive just looked at a domain for a proejct i might be starting in a few months. Its a and its taken , registered to a company in NZ, Coherent Limited. Just looked them up on google and theres several forums where someone is commenting about the domain they enquired about being registered...
  7. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion MTurk - what is it

    Hello does anyone do M turk? What happens, is it surveys, projects etc?
  8. Annie Beau


    Does anyone have an etsy account? I want to open an account and if anyone has a referral link we can both get free listings
  9. Annie Beau

    Help or Advice Suspended domain

    There's a domain I want. It's not an active site and due for renewal on the 19th. On WHOIS its currently suspended. What does that mean? If its not re registered how long before its available?
  10. Annie Beau

    Question / Discussion First 'proper' few months of online work.. some great, some a bit bewildering..

    So since the lockdown, Ive joined up to some of the money making stuff I see on the Moneyshed. Here;s what's happened - any help with the failures will be greatly appreciated! 1 - Increased income from Prolific 2 - Joined Clickworker, will be applying for UHRS soon. Completed a few tasks such as...
  11. Annie Beau

    Website Testing trymyui web testing

    Got an email earlier inviting me to a test for Try My UI. At the foot of the email it says I am receiving the ensl as I have signed up as a tester. Can't recall this. Anyone heard of them? It says at the foot of the email that I signed up but I have no idea when I did this.
  12. Annie Beau

    Appen unable to see other tasks

    Wow its the day for a LOT of messing around with these sites. Firstly the Crowdville malarky, now this.I applied for one of the initial qualification jobs with Appen (Crescent). Before application there was four or five initial tasks on the page but I chose Crescent first. Now that Ive applied...
  13. Annie Beau

    Website Testing Windows Live ID

    I have registered with Appen and just tryng to apply for first project. They require a Windows Live ID. What is this? Ive just registered a microsoft account but cant see a windows live ID anywhere on the dashboard .
  14. Annie Beau

    Elon Musk Satellite Train visibility

    I saw a glimpse of this last night but assumed it to be the Persoid meteors.
  15. Annie Beau

    Coronavirus Discussion Insurance refund

    I am insured with Diamond and just had an email saying they will be refunding £25 due to estimated lower mileage with current pandemic. Not heard anything about other family policies with Lloyds but worth emailing them.
  16. Annie Beau

    Website Testing Utest - online gambling site test applications

    U test looking for UK residents to test a gambling site. Here's my referral if you dont mind ;)
  17. Annie Beau

    Lionbridge Lionbridge/Leapforce/ Appen

    Applied for one of these a few years ago, cant remember which or where I was up to with the application. Which one has merged with another one? And is one of them Applause? There was one which I needed to submit a CV and never got round to it Thanks Annie
  18. Annie Beau

    Other Earning Opportunity Fiverr

    Just had a quick look at Fiverr following Jon's blog post. Voice over work looks interesting.. But what equipment would I need to use to record? Thanks
  19. Annie Beau

    Other Earning Opportunity Courier work - Stuart

    Not really sure where this should be on the forum but if anyone is interested in delivery/courier work it is worth taking a look at Stuart. A friend of mine started with them in the summer of last year and is still working for them. She hasnt gone into detail about her earnings but said 'put it...
  20. Annie Beau

    Userlytics and oh my dosh

    Has anyone on here used Userlytics and Oh my dosh? Ive seen them on another forum but I would rather ask on here Userlytics looks very much like other web test sites Oh My dosh - it seems like you have to spend to earn .thats out of the question for me at the moment!