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  1. Clive7

    Usa amazon voucher

    I have a 100 dollar amazon voucher that can only be spent on amazons American site. Any ideas on where i could sell it? I tried reddit but my account is to new. If someone could help me sell it i'll cut you in on the profit.
  2. Clive7

    Monthly Earnings Challenge March Madness Moneymaking Challenge - Come on in! Win cash AND share how you make money x

    Prolific 69.29 Intelizoom 49.18 Curious cat 18.21 Qmee 14.71 Pinecone 6.00 Clickworker 4.58 Attapoll 3.48 Microworkers 11.39 Bigtoken 4.11 Bulbshare 1.00 1q 1.00 Total £179.34/£200 but waiting on £150 from clickworker. Also £15 in amazon vouchers. And a $100 prize draw win with hilton honours...
  3. Clive7

    Transcribe Work Audio bee - recording sentences

    Thanks for this. The instructions on these type of jobs aren't always clear.