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  1. maisiemog


    So, after nearly a year of debating it I finally bit the bullet and brought a macbook. It’s a second hand refurbished one as I still can’t justify the £1000 for a new one. It’s a 2018 model so still fairly new And got it from Curry’s with my work employee perks discount. Give me your best...
  2. maisiemog

    Making Some Serious Cash!

    I am newly single, and determined to prove to the ex I don't need him in my life so I am on a mission to make the most amazing life possible for me and my little girl. I'm self employed and that makes the whole universal credit thing difficult so hoping to try and avoid that if I can. Thankfully...
  3. maisiemog

    Beat my 'real' earnings this month with online work!

    Payday in my day job today and for the first time ever I've beat my day job earnings through my online work. I haven't included any matched betting money made either! I've not worked out what I've made there yet as I still have a few bets to clear but it's over £800 when they do come in. I...
  4. maisiemog

    Blog on the beach

    Anybody going to the ice lolly blog on the beach event in Leeds on July 7th? I got invited and decided to make the long drive up north for it. Haven't been to Leeds for ages so looking forward to that. Might even make a night of it and stay over. Anyways if any of you are going fancy meeting up...
  5. maisiemog

    Matchbook deposits

    Is anybody else having problems paying into matchbook? I've placed several bets with large liabilities and all won at the bookies. Transferred that back into my account and want to put it back in matchbook but I keep on getting told there is a general system error. I've tried on several...
  6. maisiemog

    What expenses can I claim?

    About to submit my first tax return. Am I right in thinking cashback doesn't count as income? Also as I only sell our old stuff that doesn't count either? Never brought anything just to resell. Can I claim petrol for travel to mystery shops etc? And even though my blog only made its first...
  7. maisiemog

    Odds boosts on mutliple events

    Branching out this weekend from the sign up offers (just placed my first acca!) My question has probably been asked somewhere but couldn't see it. I keep seeing odds boosts for price boosts if three different teams win. Can we lay these or do we avoid them? I think all three games happen at the...
  8. maisiemog

    Really need to take this seriously now.....

    In a moment of insanity I've just handed my notice in. I've been debating it for a while but today made up my mind for me. I HATE HATE HATE my job and the thought of staying is making me feel rubbish. I can cope until the summer holidays but I can't come back next year and stay sane. So after...
  9. maisiemog


    We've just been gifted some Thomas Cook vouchers so going to use them as a deposit for a holiday to Florida. Any recommendations? Where is best to stay? Shall we book park tickets with the holiday or buy them separately?When's the best time to visit?
  10. maisiemog

    Favourite exchange?

    Have only used betfair so far but about to try Smarkets for the £10 refund offer when I do my next bet. I know there are a few others to try too. Which exchange do you all prefer? And why?
  11. maisiemog

    Casino Offers

    I've almost worked my way through the sports book sign up offers and about to venture into the world of reloads but I'm also thinking of trying some of the risk free casino offers. They really confuse me though. What exactly does it mean by wagering requirements? I'm a complete novice on casinos!
  12. maisiemog


    I've signed up to Tern to do some mystery shopping. There are a few local jobs I can get done this weekend but it won't allow me because I am not a high enough level. How am I meant to go up a level without doing the jobs? Anybody know? Thanks
  13. maisiemog


    Do any of you use coupons to cut the cost of your weekly shop? Seriously considering trying this and wondered if anybody can offer any advice? Thanks x
  14. maisiemog

    Just signed up to start

    So after a good 6 weeks procrastinating I have just signed up for my free trial on PA. A bit nervous as I'm using money I had put aside for our holiday as my starting pot. I know the maths's me I don't trust quite so much! Hopefully in a few weeks time I'll be wondering why the hell...
  15. maisiemog

    Best Apps?

    If you were a newbie which apps would you recommend as your top earners? I'm seriously starting to see my phone as a potential goldmine but don't want to waste my time on ones that won't pay out. Also only have an android at the moment. Is it worth investing in a cheap refurbished iPhone?
  16. maisiemog

    A few questions

    Hi, A few beginner questions: 1) Marketforce: I've registered with them and there are a few local jobs I could easily get done in an afternoon after work but they all involve purchases. I would have to take this out of my Christmas pot as money is a bit tight at the moment. Would I get this...
  17. maisiemog

    Maisiemog tries to make some cash

    I thought I would start a diary to say where I am at the moment. I haven't really earned much yet but I'm laying down the foundations to start in earnest in January. I have a target of earning £800 a month by August. OK so far I have: Signed up to all the online survey sites that people rate...
  18. maisiemog

    Hello...Newbie here

    Hello, Just introducing myself. I'm a 32 yr old mum in the SW. I found this site when I started looking into ways of earning money from home and it's been brilliant. I have a temp contract at work which runs out in August and my aim is to be earning enough money to not have to find another job...