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  1. Flitterbug

    Love Aroma At Home (Pre-launch phase - selling Yankee Candles and more)

    As this company is in the pre-launch phase there are VERY FEW details to go on at the moment - This thread will be updated as they are received. Love Aroma ( are currently an established company selling scented goods (candles, wax melts, diffusers etc) online and...
  2. Flitterbug

    Mum-of-two pays for entire £1,200 Tesco shop with coupons

    Anyone else seen this on Facebook? I follow the page of the person who did the shop: News article is here: Mum-of-two pays for entire £1,200 Tesco shop with coupons and donates to charity She said she used a total of 423 coupons! I only...
  3. Flitterbug

    Independent Usborne Organiser

    So after a pretty dismal experience with Avon 3 years ago; I've decided to have another go at direct selling by becoming an Independent Usborne Organiser! To find out more about becoming an Organiser yourself either message me directly or you can view my post in the recruitment forum thread...
  4. Flitterbug

    TMS Arts and Crafts Club

    Going to start this off but not sure if it will stay alive ;) I feel like there are quite a few members on here who dabble in the crafts, some might make a point of spending their free time on it most days, then there will be others who will be using their skills to earn some money from it...
  5. Flitterbug

    General Chat - May

    Thought I'd go ahead and create this thread :P Weather forecast for the weekend looks crap down here - lots of rain boooooo - it's a shame as I want to go to a couple of boot sales Sunday/Monday. It's for part of a project I've been working on that I'll tell everyone about if it's successful ;)...
  6. Flitterbug

    Online Car Booty

    I've literally just come across this site as I'm searching for a car boot to go to this weekend in my local area! Looks - odd? Apparently stuff stays listed all week but refreshes on Sunday? Has anyone heard of or come across it before? I wonder if you could do...
  7. Flitterbug

    ... what the heck?

    So I've been using a brand new email address to sign up for everything but still using my real name - it has absolutely NO association to my other email AT ALL no one knows I have it at all. period. So WHY THE HELL when I sign up for Twitter with it does it suggest friends from my main twitter...
  8. Flitterbug

    Hypothetical "self improvement" tokens - what would you spend yours on?

    This was posted by a friend of mine on Facebook and it's a very interesting thing to think about. I've copied and pasted her post here to see if anyone wants to join in ^_^
  9. Flitterbug

    PointsPanel - anyone know anything?

    My mum has downloaded something on her iPhone and iPad to do with PointsPanel, it seems to be something that collect info about your phone usage and rewards you with points daily (10 for first part of the month and 25 for next part) with cash out being 500 points for $4 The thing is it's put a...
  10. Flitterbug

    Quick fire questions

    Have you got a quick question that you feel doesn't belong in any particular thread? Or that you feel doesn't really deserve a thread of its own? I do :D (that's why I started this thread ;)) Is it pretentious to 'like' your own Facebook page or is it good to add that extra like?
  11. Flitterbug

    Am I the only one that feels uncomfortable?

    All these websites you can use to earn money require so much personal information from you, names addresses phone numbers, birthday, children you've got... supplying these makes me feel really uncomfortable - puts me off... I haven't progressed at all with WUD as they want my home address - what...
  12. Flitterbug

    Great PS4 deal - my partner was too impatient!

    There's an amazing deal for a PS4 currently on Rakuten, my partner desperately wants one and doesn't want to wait for me to earn any vouchers ::) SO instead I created a deal on Finditforless and bought it through there ^-^ a friend of mine is going to do the same too! Here's the link if anyone...
  13. Flitterbug

    Kelzky's Finditforless Diary

    So I've been given permission to set up a second diary for this endeavour :D I really like the idea of the style of earning possibility that Finditforless offers for posting offers on the website. So much so that I want to try to spend some time every day uploading offers and see how things go...
  14. Flitterbug

    How to use Vidahost?

    Once I migrated my websites to Vidahost they put them online by using my backups that I downloaded from WA, I can access the files by the file manager but can't find any of the individual blog posts on there... it's all a bit foreign to me. Also I can't see anywhere where I can integrate/add or...
  15. Flitterbug

    It's good to be back

    So some members on here won't know who I am but I joined TMS when it was still young around this time last year and just before I went inactive had one of the higher post counts of the members at the time, been through some ups and downs since then but a big set back caused my online earning to...
  16. Flitterbug

    Recording Equiment - What to buy?

    So I don't know if anyone has any experience in these things here but thought I'd give it a shot - I might actually start recording a few videos for youtube but I want to do it properly - my current headset is knackered and I wanted a new one anyway AND it's just been my birthday so I have some...
  17. Flitterbug

    Chocolates for Chocoholics

    The Spiel Chocolates for Chocoholics is a Party Plan company based in Hurst UK with Distributors all over the country, they sell luxury, high quality chocolate and gifts. The products appeal to all ages and both sexes unlike some other Party Plan companies, also as a consumable product...
  18. Flitterbug - found on a facebook group

    One of the selling groups I'm joined to on Facebook has popped up on my feed this evening with somebody posting a photo of this leaflet that came through their door. Didn't know if anyone already knew about it or wanted to check it out? They also have a facebook page...
  19. Flitterbug

    Posting themed content on a particular day

    Is there a benefit to theme-ing days to posts? For example one of my favourite sites "Cake Wrecks" has Sunday Sweets where she takes her blog and flips it 180 degrees to share amazing cakes on that particular day every week. Is it just a fun thing people do or is there a benefit to it? Opinions...
  20. Flitterbug

    When to monetise

    Probably not the best time to ask this question as Kristian is away but when do you monetise your blog/site? Which affiliate/ad programs can you sign up for when your site is new - which ones require to to meet a certain criteria? Do you need lots of content on the website to start with and...