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    Question / Discussion Quick Money Making Help?

    Hi, I've been trying to make a go of making a living from home for years without success. I've got a current out of the home job via an agency with a company, was promised I would be taken on in the Summer but was told next year now, work has dried up early I wasn't told so couldn't plan and...
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    A Few Questions..

    Thank you Jon for your great reply. - So would you have to pay £9.95 per year for the domain name twice if you had two sites on your account? Plus the monthly amount as well. - In regards to giving them the log in details for the 2nd site I made for their business one, would that password give...
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    A Few Questions..

    Hi, I have created free blogs in the past but never a paid blog/website. I feel a little nervous about making a paid one in case I make mistakes and waste money etc. I am wanting to make two separate sites, one for me a lifestyle blog and I am wanting to make a website for a close friend for his...